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Tea With The Maharaja

  This is our loo...I can almost hear some of you shouting “How Primitive!” at the screen, but we are very happy and grateful for it. It’s called a “Long Drop” and is basically a pit with a toilet seat over it. Instead of having a flush, we sprinkle sawdust each time we use it and not just any old sawdust...we came across a pine furniture maker who gives away off cuts of wood – which are great for the wood stove and big bags of sawdust, so our outdoor facilities are smelling pine fresh! When we saw this little hut I was transported back to the film “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” – it reminded me of the kidnapping of Caractacus Potts senior. The whole shed gets transported over the sea to Vulgaria, while Caractacus (Lionel Jefferies) sings a song about the posh travelling life...Wonderful stuff! We don’t really sit in fear of being kidnapped, but we have had some windy experiences...and I’m not just talking about eating pulses! The shed can feel like it’s about to take off, though in rea