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Over The Hills & Far Away

Another lovely day in the south of France, it's great waking up to blue skies & sunshine - even though the mayor made his announcements over the Mairie tannoy just after 9am again. At least the village school was closed today - perhaps they open on Saturday mornings instead! We've had a great drive around Montagne Noire & through the Gorges de la Clamoux... This area is so dry, which is nice for us - after living for over 7 years in one of the dampest counties in the UK! In northern France, a lot of the rivers were in spate & fields water-logged, but here - this river bed looks like it dried up a long time ago. Stunning views from up high. Approaching one of the mountain villages, Rieussec. Closer look at Rieussec & another dry river bed. I think this is Citou, with their village Christmas Tree on the left & their one Christmas Light above the road! At last a small river & water fall! More lovely views - stretching as far as the Pyrenees. Appro