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Three Peas In A Pod

Hugo had a meeting at the circus school today, so we decided to all go because it's near to where the girlies both live & we were able to organise a breakfast meet-up! This morning at Jubilee Wharf... The entrance to Miss Peapod's has been decorated. The Smithlets Vegan brekkie, which was really good. Just a shame we'd forgotten to ask them to not put margarine on our toast... The view from our dining room around 5pm today... Can you see the lone daff? Linking up with  Jane  at The Maple Syrup Mob. Daffs in the garden. Fam 5 Poor Rose isn't well, but so glad we managed to see her & give her lots of hugs. Sime's tooth saga continues... Looks like he may have to return to the dentist tomorrow! We have more guests arriving tomorrow, so lots to do... As usual! Bye for now, Kay & Sime xx

Making The Connection

Thanks again for all your comments - Sime's getting there slowly... He was back at the dentist on Monday, as his tooth sockets are quite infected - poor chap! Unfortunately, he believed there would be problems & so they continue... Apart from this, everything is good - Bebe's fine at the moment, we are getting lots of enquiries & bookings for the B&B & tomorrow, we'll be catching up with our lovely girlies - which will be nice!  Rose hasn't been well, so she'll be getting big ma & pa hugs & kisses to make her feel better.  Sal & Ryan are preparing to move to Bristol within the next few weeks, which is very exciting for them - but tinged with some sadness for us... Though we'll no doubt see more of them, as we'll be passing by frequently to go up to Stoke! Tomorrow we promise to post about our Thursday view, but for now - it's dinner time! Came across the link to these on FB earlier, so put the kettle on &am

Chaos, Teeth & Slow Sunday

First of all, thank you all for your comments about Bebe. We've had more stuff to sort out around her this week. Fortunately, from down here this time - but still time consuming.  We are still unsure what the future holds for her & whether she will eventually move down here... Working in social care for many years has left us both with little faith in any residential home. We have both witnessed abuse & neglect & feel it is such a difficult decision to make, we also promised Bebe that we would never put her into a home... On the other hand, she's not keen on moving all the way to Cornwall, so for now - we just hope that she can continue for as long as possible in her own home. We know all there is about vascular dementia, having cared for nan & doing huge amounts of research, but working with a variety of folks - lots with quite challenging behaviour stands us in good stead.  We know what hard, full time work it is & that it will have a big impac

Nearly Forgot...

From Here Happy Valentine's Day! The hot water bottles are in & are calling our names... Nighty, nighty. From the Happy Valenteens. ♥

Long Journeys & Views From Our Windows

We have had a crazy few days... A dash up to Stoke where the weather was a little different to home. Yesterday's view from our hotel... Bebe & a smiling Sime... We have had lots to do - went up to visit & do stuff, talked about Bebe moving down to Cornwall, but after 2 days of long hours together, we really feel unsure about caring for her full time. We did it for Nan, but are we ready to do it all over again? You need a huge amount of patience with someone who has dementia & Bebe's is progressing the same way as Nan's... For now, her care package just about covers her needs & we'll just keep reviewing it.  As we set off from Stoke at 3pm yesterday, the temperature had climbed up to 2C & travelling down the country we noticed it getting warmer - arriving in Cornwall last night it was a rather nice 10C! We had lovely sunshine this morning... And the lilies are thriving! It has been a fraught, tiring few days t

Johnny's Cafe In Hayle

We'd heard good reports about this place & just never managed to get here... Until last week! So glad we made the effort... Johnny's has a homely, shabby chic feel about it. They sell a selection of second hand bits, crafts & wholefoods... As well as being a veggie cafe... The mismatched crockery made us feel very much at home! Butternut squash soup...  Bean burger, char-grilled veg & salad... Victoria Sponge with choccie filling. All vegan, all really delicious - we loved it! Afterwards, we thought we should walk off our 3 course meal... This is the beach looking over towards St Ives & what you can't see - is just how bloody cold & windy it was! Bye for now. Kay & Sime xx

View From Our Window

Linking in with  Jane  again today. This morning in Boswinger! The birds sound like they are enjoying the calm, after the winds of the last few days... Hope all is well with you. Coming very soon are posts about Exeter & some rather good meals out! Kay & Sime xx

Disco In Kernow

Our lovely friend, Simon turned 50 recently & had a great party in  Chyan's  apple barn at the weekend. Simon in his fabulous outfit! We first met Simon, his wife Jane & their eldest daughter, 10 years ago at Newquay Zoo on a home education trip.  Over the years our families have become really good friends, though we don't see each other as often as we'd like these days - when we do get-together it's always nice & lots of fun! They are wonderful people & have been there for us on so many occasions (even though they live over 40 miles away). Coming over & cooking meals, helping us with nan when she was alive, picking the kids up or dropping them off, taking care of Hugo while we go away, giving us hugs when we've needed them & much much more. So it was lovely to catch up again this weekend. The kidlets love S, J & their girls too & they all really got into the spirit of things... Sal as Velma from Scooby D