Natural Light

View From Our Window

Linking in with Jane again today.

This morning in Boswinger!

The birds sound like they are enjoying the calm, after the winds of the last few days...

Hope all is well with you.

Coming very soon are posts about Exeter & some rather good meals out!

Kay & Sime


Jane and Chris said…
I have to view your video later,there are cats with me ...the birds will drive them nuts!
Back later.
Jane x
Kath said…
Love the bird song!
Jane and Chris said…
Ooh,ooh...I loved this! It sounded like spring!
I have no idea what the birds are,I've forgotten my British bird calls except blackbird and magpie.
It's snowing like crazy here....swap?
Jane x
Anonymous said…
I miss hearing birds! We don't hear them too much in the winter here. Very nice!
Catherine said…
Waking up to birds singing starts the day off perfectly I think. Wonderful!
xo Catherine
Unknown said…
Calling in to say hello and see how things are. I'm hoping to get some time to catch up with you all very soon. Good to see everything is still flowing along nicely at you end. Hugs Sue