Natural Light

Bibbity Bobbity Boo

Onions, garlic, ginger with potatoes, carrots, fresh peeled tomatoes, water & spices...

Leftover brown lentil & tofu stew...

Freshly spun spinach...

Put it together & what have you got?


We're off partying tomorrow...
Our friend, Simon is celebrating his 50th with a 60s/70s fancy dress disco!

Looking forward to a fun night!

Have a good weekend.

Kay & Sime


Kath said…
OOh 60s-70's the best decades ever, wish I was going with you (and no need for any hired outfit LOL).
Jane and Chris said…
If you're going to be out,would you like me to pop over and babysit the curry? It'll be safe with me (wink)
Jane x
Anonymous said…
The curry sounds terrific!

Have fun at the party. What fun!
Hi Kath - Our friends' 8 year old said "Oh you two just look the same as normal!" And I thought we'd really made an effort!

Kay :)
Hi Jane - the curry was all gone before we left... Sorry!

Kay :)
Hi Molly - The curry was good, but the party was better!

Kay :)