Making The Connection

Thanks again for all your comments - Sime's getting there slowly...
He was back at the dentist on Monday, as his tooth sockets are quite infected - poor chap!
Unfortunately, he believed there would be problems & so they continue...
Apart from this, everything is good - Bebe's fine at the moment, we are getting lots of enquiries & bookings for the B&B & tomorrow, we'll be catching up with our lovely girlies - which will be nice! 
Rose hasn't been well, so she'll be getting big ma & pa hugs & kisses to make her feel better. 
Sal & Ryan are preparing to move to Bristol within the next few weeks, which is very exciting for them - but tinged with some sadness for us... Though we'll no doubt see more of them, as we'll be passing by frequently to go up to Stoke!

Tomorrow we promise to post about our Thursday view, but for now - it's dinner time!

Came across the link to these on FB earlier, so put the kettle on & hope you enjoy...


 The beach earlier...

And some of the driftwood we collected.

Bye for now,

Kay & Sime


  1. I hope everyone feels well again soon. Poor Sime! :(

  2. Big love and healing vibes to Sime. I'm just settling down with a cuppa to watch the videos, thanks for sharing them x

  3. Hope he's feeling better soon, and that pile of driftwood looks good :)

  4. I don't particularly enjoy a trip to the dentist either so you have mt sympathy Sime. Hope it's soon forgotten and the nightmares stop! Take care you two. Hugs Sue


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