Johnny's Cafe In Hayle

We'd heard good reports about this place & just never managed to get here...
Until last week!

So glad we made the effort...

Johnny's has a homely, shabby chic feel about it.

They sell a selection of second hand bits, crafts & wholefoods...

As well as being a veggie cafe...

The mismatched crockery made us feel very much at home!

Butternut squash soup... 

Bean burger, char-grilled veg & salad...

Victoria Sponge with choccie filling.
All vegan, all really delicious - we loved it!

Afterwards, we thought we should walk off our 3 course meal...
This is the beach looking over towards St Ives & what you can't see - is just how bloody cold & windy it was!

Bye for now.

Kay & Sime


  1. It seems as though Cornwall is THE place for decent vegan food!
    Jane x

  2. You seem to have a lot of interesting caf├ęs near you. Did you detect any coconut milk or curry flavours in the butternut squash soup? It's one of our favourites.

  3. It looks like a cute restaurant! We love to try out new ones, especially when they have a quirky type of atmosphere.

    We've been getting a nasty wind off of Lake Michigan here lately. Brrr! Stay warm!

  4. What a lovely place. The food looks delicious, and I can imagine sitting chatting on that sofa for hours!

  5. That food looks amazing, I wish we had a vegan restaurant around here. St Ives is a beautiful place and there's nothing like a walk on the beach to blow away the cobwebs x

  6. Ooo that looks like lovely food, and lovely scenery too! I'm jealous..snow here!


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