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Chaos, Teeth & Slow Sunday

First of all, thank you all for your comments about Bebe.
We've had more stuff to sort out around her this week. Fortunately, from down here this time - but still time consuming. 
We are still unsure what the future holds for her & whether she will eventually move down here...
Working in social care for many years has left us both with little faith in any residential home. We have both witnessed abuse & neglect & feel it is such a difficult decision to make, we also promised Bebe that we would never put her into a home... On the other hand, she's not keen on moving all the way to Cornwall, so for now - we just hope that she can continue for as long as possible in her own home.
We know all there is about vascular dementia, having cared for nan & doing huge amounts of research, but working with a variety of folks - lots with quite challenging behaviour stands us in good stead. 
We know what hard, full time work it is & that it will have a big impact on our lives. We remember how a lack of exercise caused nan to be very disoriented, the paranoia, the outbursts, the fear... But she still knew us & after some time would feel comforted that she was with her family. We also had great times, with lots of fun & laughter. In her clearer moments, she would bestow us with such wisdom - it would fill us with hope! Bebe too, has her moments. We could improve her life, get her out & about, get the oxygen flowing. Nourish her with decent food & give her the attention she desperately needs. 

Caring for others is what we do & have done for many years, it's second nature. Bebe would no doubt drive us crazy, but it would be great for her to have the family around her at the end of her life, for her to see the kidlets more often & a relief for us to know that she's here & safe.

We shall continue to think lots more about it & see how things go...

We must apologise for not replying to comments or visiting other blogs at the moment, but we've had such a hectic time & on top of everything else, poor Sime has had 2 teeth out (after suffering for some time). It's been quite a traumatic week for him, as it's brought back childhood memories of suffering in the dentist's chair & the extractions have been difficult. He's now battling with continued background pain from the sockets becoming infected, but is trying to remain positive - though needs lots of convincing that he's going to be ok!

We have 2 lovely guests staying with us, which has made it all the more bearable & we are getting lots of enquiries & bookings - which is great!

Flea helping to clean the sitting room for the guests arrival...

Earlier in the week, we enjoyed an afternoon at Watergate Bay, which is near to the dreaded dental surgery & Sime enjoyed a brief time numbed by anaesthetic...

Though it was bitterly cold again!

Sunday is our unplugged day, which we are really enjoying each week!

Monday, hopefully will be a fairly quiet day - so we should at last have some time to visit our favourite blogs, which we've missed very much...

Have a happy & slow Sunday!

Night, night.

Kay & Sime


Jane and Chris said…
Thinking about you...hope it helps.
Jane xxx
Catherine said…
I love the photo of kitty sitting in the plant pot! Cute!
I hope everything works out for you and your family.
Sending big hugs!
xo Catherine
Susan Heather said…
Good luck with Bebe - I know only too well how hard the decision is.
Kath said…
So pleased to hear from you, I was just thinking about you guys this morning.

Poor Sime! sounds like a rotten week for you.

I know you will make the best decision for Bebe, we all know how kind, caring and principled you are, it comes through in all you do.

Nic said…
Ouch to the teeth and infection - hope that's cleared up soon :) and what lovely pictures, I hope you have a good Sunday :)
Rambler said…
So good to see you back home & blogging, though understandably with concerns about dear Bebe.
I've not quite joined the Vegan Club, but after watching the video about slaughtering cattle (UGH!!!) and the lecture by Hesh ? (the vegan American guy) I got rid of all my meat from the freezer (son & DiL were thrilled!) as I just can't face it any more. I'm thoroughly enjoying all the new-found recipes from various blogs, including your own. Thank you for the enlightenment.
Anonymous said…
Oh my, you two have been through a lot lately! So sorry to hear about Sime's teeth. Ouch. :( I dread going to the dentist and need to have my fillings redone sometimes soon. Like Sime, my childhood was pretty traumatic as far as the dentist went. Too much pain and horrible surgeries. I hope he feels better very soon!

It's wonderful that you're really weighing everything with Bebe. I'm dreading that time in my life when our parents will be at that stage.
Karin said…
I'm sure it would be lovely for Bebe if you could look after her, but as you know, a real strain on her. There are good care & nursing homes about, but they are often hard to find. My m-i-l has been lucky, but we had to move my aunt into 3 different homes before finding one that could cater for her needs.
OOh poor Sime = the murder house is never a place I go willingly so I have much empathy for him.
We cared for Brent's folks until the end - a huge honour, lots of work but soo glad we were able to do it for them.

Love Leanne.
Scarlet said…
Hope Sime is feeling much better. You are such wonderful, kind and caring people, and I know you will do what is best. You have certainly had a positive impact on our life- this morning's cardiac results are proof of that, and we can't thank you enough for pointing us in this direction in such a gentle, kind and non-judgmental way. Love J, L and KL. x
Karin said…
You might find this interesting Btw, I hope Sime is feeling better. Having teeth out isn't much fun.
Sorry to read about your recent family and teeth issues. I hope all works out for the best for everyone. You may not know what the solutions is as the moment but that doesn't mean it's not 'out there'.
Don't worry out not reading other blogs - I know how time-consuming (however enjoyable) that can be and find it difficult to fit in at the best of times.
Teresa x

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