Long Journeys & Views From Our Windows

We have had a crazy few days...
A dash up to Stoke where the weather was a little different to home.
Yesterday's view from our hotel...

Bebe & a smiling Sime...
We have had lots to do - went up to visit & do stuff, talked about Bebe moving down to Cornwall, but after 2 days of long hours together, we really feel unsure about caring for her full time.
We did it for Nan, but are we ready to do it all over again?
You need a huge amount of patience with someone who has dementia & Bebe's is progressing the same way as Nan's... For now, her care package just about covers her needs & we'll just keep reviewing it. 

As we set off from Stoke at 3pm yesterday, the temperature had climbed up to 2C & travelling down the country we noticed it getting warmer - arriving in Cornwall last night it was a rather nice 10C!

We had lovely sunshine this morning...

And the lilies are thriving!

It has been a fraught, tiring few days topped with busy jobs today...
So now we're going to sit, eat & watch a film which has been on our desk for a few weeks, it's called The Pope's Toilet!

Bye for now & hope you're all having a good week.

Kay & Sime

PS. We do promise to catch up very soon with other blogs... :)


  1. Hope you enjoyed your movie- I enjoyed your views! Bon courage with big decisions.

  2. I think you got all weather options covered there!
    I know that some dementia patients get quite distressed if they change locations. It's difficult,I know.Three blog friends are going through the process with parents right now.It's tough. My Dad is at home with Mum,but it's taking it's toll on her (whose name IS Bebe!!)
    Jane x

  3. You are wonderful people. Thinking of you. Love J,L & KL x

  4. It sounds like an exhausting time and I hope that you can decompress with the movie and other relaxing things. Did you enjoy the snow?

  5. "The Pope's Toilet!" hey you guys are so classy LOL

    Hope you were able to unwind and relax tonight. Dealing with dementia can be utterly exhausting. God bless you Bebe xx

  6. Good to have you back in Cornwall and our present sunshine will hopefully de-stress you and raise your spirits. You have such good hearts but please give a lot of thought about taking Bebe on and caring for her full time. I know you love her to bits - but as the dementia worsens, she won't know that; also as has been said, a move to strange surroundings might be the worst thing for her.
    A big (((((HUG))))) for you both. x

  7. It's tricky knowing what to do for the best when someone has dementia. I'm glad you are happy that Bebe is getting the care she needs for now. It's probably best to take it one day at a time, if you can. Good luck.


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