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Time For Us

We are really getting into the swing of life with Bebe & she is doing wonderfully well... Far better than we ever imagined! She has been with us for 3 weeks now & has already got to grips with the stairs & where her bedroom & bathroom are... When she arrived she was unsteady & using a walking stick, we had to assist her on the stairs & getting up the step in her bathroom. Now she has given up her stick & can negotiate the stairs & step independently... Has she just gained confidence or is our vegan diet working wonders?!  We moved to Cornwall when Hugo was just 5 years old & although Bebe has seen him regularly over the years she just can't accept that he is now a young man, so sadly she greets him as either a stranger or thinks he is Kay's Brother! Bebe is loving day care & will soon be going in for regular respite.  We are missing being able to go out in the evenings, so once we are satisfied that she is ready

Revolving Door

We have had an incredibly crazy week, full of mixed emotions - good times & very sad times... Hugo's birthday was great fun & although he'd gone off on Friday to join in celebrating his friend's birthday & vowed to be returning with 4 friends on Saturday - he actually turned up with 9!   Luckily, we are laid back & it just meant making extra food. He didn't want to do anything in particular, just hang out... So we fed them chilli, rice & cornbread, they went off to the beach & got a camp fire going, but soon returned - as it was so cold! Some of the loveliest young people you could wish to meet! Rose & Asa joined us too - which was great! Although some of them were up until 6am & we did hear them now & again - we would enjoy having them over again!  A couple of them didn't want to leave, which was sweet - so may be a summer get-together will be on the cards...  Hugo's a big fan of Victoria Sponge C

The Angel

Hugo is 16 today! In December he took part in a circus show called The Angel - he was the devil! The show was amazing, but Sime had turned the flash off again, so the photos came out quite blurred, he did manage to get some footage of the finale. The birthday boy has had a busy weekend spent with friends & also has a new furry friend, who he's enjoying getting to know! One of our B&B guests said Hugo is a credit to us...  A real gentleman! He's certainly the most loveliest young chap we know! Happy Birthday Buddy! Lots of love, snugs & hugs, Momwah & Popwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

All Change

Hugo has finally put his foot down... And insisted that it's time... . To lose his lovely locks... Sal last cut his hair just before we went to France in January last year... Wished mine grew that quick! We're a bit sad about it, as we always are when he has it chopped off... But we'll get over it & Hugo's thrilled to have short hair again, as it doesn't take so long to wash! Our lovely lad! Another change for us this week... Our bright green paintwork on the house has changed... Rose & Asa showing off our newly painted porch. Yes we're getting very fashionable now - no more bright green... We've gone for the more modern French grey! The weather keeps changing too... Thursday morning was dull, wet & miserable... So much so - lots of campers were leaving our little peninsula & getting in the way of us getting Hugo to the train station!  By the afternoon it was lovely & warm! (there's our tipi again) Before we arrived to


We forgot the birthday candles... Still had a lovely time... And Hugo didn't mind!

Early Celebration

Hugo is 15 tomorrow! What a difference a year makes... So because of work commitments of the older kidlets... We got together yesterday for a lovely meal... And then a film... A very enjoyable time indeed! Happy Birthday  Splendid Young Chum! Lots of love & snugs, Momwah & Popsy  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Circo Kernow Students 2011

We've been blown away by Hugo & Co...                                             They've been studying circus performance skills for only 1 or 2 sessions over 10 weeks... And we've picked out a selection of the best photos...           The group are mainly aged between 14 & 18... And they also learned how to put up the big top & prepare for a show. They each tried all the activities & discovered what they prefer to do... We've known some of the kids for a while, so it was great to see what they have achieved... Even those we didn't know still managed to amaze us... The group have also learnt Makulele... And Capoeira... Which was fun to watch... Hugo's chosen skill was mime...                                            We were surprised by his confidence & of course we had no idea what to expect...                                          But we have been very impressed! With all of them... Rowan is 14... And these 2 we