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Rewilding Our Life - Days 24 and 25

Thursday we enjoyed some time in the garden... The Clematis is thriving again, we're training it to grow around the front door & the bluebells are just incredible this year. The lilies are coming out too - we see lots of folks taking photos of them every spring... And the little fruit bush we planted a few years ago has started to spread (we thought it had died). We can't remember if it's loganberry or boysenberry, but we're very happy that it's survived.   The lemon balm is looking great too, we've made beer with it a few times & it makes a lovely subtle tasting herb tea. We spent an hour in the back garden playing with our new toy - Something we have wanted for a long time... A stainless steel  Kelly Kettle . We filled the kettle with water & the pan with a little newspaper & twigs. It's so easy to use... And we soon had boiling water for our cuppa. Lupe enjoyed the last of the rays...

Rewilding Our Life - Days 20 to 23

Sunday's weather was pretty awful here... It rained on & off throughout the day, so we enjoyed a quiet time at home by the woodburner. It was also our last day of freedom for a while, so it was nice to just chill out. The rain stopped by 8pm, so as Bebe wasn't here - we enjoyed a walk down towards the beach. This is the view from the first stile, which is just 5 minutes from our door... And this is from the second stile, just further down the lane. We stood & watched the sea for a while... And headed back up the lane when the rain started again. We didn't see anyone else - which was nice! Monday was the first time in 3 weeks that we were unable to do any rewilding, we had a serious problem at work which took time to sort & the aftermath continued throughout our evening, on top of this - Bebe returned home from respite, so it was chaotic! We made up for it on Tuesday... The sun came out in the afternoon & we were able to p

Rewilding Our Life - Day 19

It's the first time in years that we've had 2 days off over a holiday weekend & we really hadn't given much thought on just how many folks there would be out & about...  Our original plan was to go to Cardinham Woods, but on arriving to a full car park & a heaving picnic area - we turned round & carried on. Eventually, we found Deerpark Forest near Looe... There wasn't anyone else around - amazing, considering the amount of folks we'd seen elsewhere. We couldn't believe that we managed to eat our picnic without folks walking by... Thousands of people are holidaying in Cornwall this weekend & not one of them or any locals came along to disturb us, it was bliss. We took the 3 mile trail. We had periods of chatting & spent time in silence - enjoying the sounds & the warmth of the sun. We climbed high above the trees... And saw piles of chopped down trees. Such a beautiful day... We w

Rewilding Our Life - Days 17 and 18

Thursday, we went to  The Eden Project  for dinner in the Mediterranean Biome, which is as wild is it got that day... We are struggling to keep up with the activities from the challenge, as they arrive via email daily & usually long after we have left the house - so it's difficult.  We are still making the effort to be mindfully outside for at least 30 minutes every day, but we're just doing things our way - which suits us & maybe we'll incorporate rock sculptures & conversations with the younger generation on others days - If or when the opportunity arises. Anyway, back to Eden... We arranged for Bebe to go into respite for a few days, so this enabled us to get out in the evening... We enjoyed a couple of hours amongst indoor wildness... Time with Magie & Patrick... And a vegan feast... We were the last ones to leave... As always, a lovely night. On Friday after work we were exhausted - caring for Bebe, bein