Natural Light

Rewilding Our Life - Day 5

Today our challenge was to dip our feet into a naturally occurring body of water...
As we live on the coast, we chose a beach... Little did we know yesterday - that we'd be doing this again today!
Unfortunately, the weather is a lot murkier...
 It has remained foggy throughout the day - such a contrast from our time on Hemmick Beach!

Bebe was with us today - she now does 5 days (Mon - Fri) at daycare & is with us at weekends. We do try our best to get her interested in being out in the fresh air, but she just detests it most of the time... We told her that we wanted to walk along Carne Beach & gave her the choice to either come with us or stay in the car (where she could watch us), but amazingly, she chose the beach!

Bebe was already regretting joining us...

Carne beach opens out at low tide, when it is then possible to walk along the shoreline to Pendower beach.

The sea is absolutely freezing!

Only Sime managed to stay still!

Once we got used to the temperature - we actually enjoyed it & were reluctant to stop!

Kay & Sime


dreamer said…
Brrrr, looks like your weather was the same as ours today.
It's still good to get outdoors, though I think I would have kept my wellies on. Brave people :)
Kath said…
what a magical place you live in. Strangely enough I was dipping my feet in the white spring today.