Natural Light

Rewilding Our Life - Day 1

We have started our 30 day challenge to spend at least 30 minutes in nature each day.
We managed to get ourselves organised & finish work on time for a change!
We were down in Gorran Haven, so decided to pop up to the coastal path above Vault Beach. 
It was such a wonderful way to rejuvenate ourselves after work & the sea breeze certainly blew the cobwebs away...

Kay & Sime


Hindustanka said…
Loving your idea! The coast line looks amazing! I also would like to spend time there :)
mm BLISS! Your blog post enthused me to get out on my bike today. I look forward to where you take me tomorrow.
Karin said…
Trying to spend at least 30 minutes a day enjoying Nature seems like a great challenge. I think I should give it a go.