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Rewilding Our Life - Day 7

Yesterday, we spent more time on our beach... 
We collected driftwood & picked up a bin liner's worth of rubbish.

The activity was to think about our dream house & where it would be... 
Well, we've thought lots about this over the years & Sime wrote a post about it back in 2010: Losing Our Way, Finding Our Way.

Living off grid, generating our own power & having our own water supply is very important to us. We know we'll get there, when the time is right... 

Log Cabin, Cabin, Hillbilly, Forest, Log, Appalachian Mountains, Rustic, Tennessee

Meadowcroft has been a great house for our family, we've been here for nearly 9 years... We've enjoyed having various lodgers & relatives moving in with us, but now Hugo has practically moved out & we're not sure how long Bebe will be with us, so we are seriously thinking about our future & believe we'll be on the move fairly soon.

Kay & Sime


ahh lots of changes for your family.
Kath said…
How exciting!
Cathy Jupp said…
I can't imagine you being anywhere else, you and Meadowcroft fit each other so well. I will be sad. x