Lobby by thesmithsontour
Lobby, a photo by thesmithsontour on Flickr.
Lobby is the name potters gave to a simple stew. We both grew up eating it most weeks. My Grandparents always had a big pan of lobby on their stove & my mum used to make it in her pressure cooker.... Our version of the North Staffordshire dish is so cheap & easy to make - we love it!

We use onions, garlic, lots of root vegetables, pulses, some greens & fresh herbs. You can add stock , miso or soy sauce, but cooking it slowly for a couple of hours just makes it taste so good & finishing off with a sprinkle of black pepper & the juice of half a lemon.

Served in large bowls, with some home made bread fresh out of the oven... Makes a great warming meal!

Hope everyone is keeping warm!

Kay & Sime xx


  1. I love this..a winter favourite but I've never heard it called that before.
    Jane x

  2. We call it Lobbies in the part of Lancashire I grew up in or scouse where my family originates in Liverpool.It usually contained leftovers from the sunday roast.

  3. One of our favourites, especially with some fat free herby dumplings to stick to our ribs!

  4. The perfect dish for a bitter winter's day. And what a quaint name!

  5. ooh that looks good. I had some fabulous soup at Dils last week, she told me she added a dollop of curry paste to it!

  6. Jane - I don't suppose many folks out of Stoke would have heard of lobby!

    Dreamer - That's really interesting, how funny that the name is similar in Lancashire!

    Scarlet - Dumplings are great, especially when you need warming up!

    Gai - That's probably the first time the word quaint has ever been associated with Stoke-on-Trent!

    Kath - We love a spicy soup, especially with a bit of coconut!

    Kay :)


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