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Oh dear, we seem to be so busy... These photos were taken last weekend & everyday we've been meaning to post them, but things get in the way - in a nice way of course...

We have another guest coming in the week, can't believe folks are still coming down, but it's great! Between our guests, occasional holiday let guests, Sime's gigs, Hugo's circus workshops/rehearsals & lots of never-ending paperwork... We are very busy & time is just flying!

The kidlets came over for lunch (a very rare get-together) & we drew our Secret Santa names out of Sime's top hat, so now have 3 weeks to get sorted & in true Smith style... We've done nothing yet! We have to either make or buy second hand & have a £10 limit to spend.

In the early evening last Saturday, the kids left & within minutes rang to say they were struggling to get out of the area due to flooded roads. None of us had quite realised just how bad the weather was & of course, none of us have TVs - so don't really keep informed with forecasts... When they had all arrived earlier in the day, it was dry. Sime had a gig in Hayle, so I decided to go with him. The kids thought we were mad & we were - the lanes around here were completely blocked just 20 minutes after Sal & Ryan got through, so Rose & Asa headed down to Mevagissey & rang to say it was clear. On their suggestion, we headed down there & only just made it through... Manhole covers were coming up, water was starting to fill the streets & fire fighters had arrived to take charge. We were advised to head home, but the show had to go on... Once we got to the main road in St Austell, we were fine & had a clear run to Hayle. While there, Rose kept us updated with radio announcements & we were unsure whether to even attempt to get home - a couple of folks offered us a room for the night, but Sime thought we should just have a go & if we failed - we'd just sleep in the car.

We had to turn round a couple of times, but eventually made it home using a tiny lane, which wasn't too bad. We got in at 2.30am & found we'd had a power cut... Poor Hugo was busy searching for a torch & candles, as he thought we wouldn't be home. Luckily, it came back on again within half an hour of us getting in & I think we slept for about 10 hours!

We'd forgotten to take out the camera that night, but the flood water photo featured here was taken 2 days later... Today it's been raining again all day, we took Hugo to his rehearsal for a week long show he has coming up & on the way home - we discovered the roads flooded yet again... We managed to get some photos & video, but it was dark, so we'll see if they've come out!

It seems that unlike other parts of the country, we have fairly mild temperatures!

Hope all is well with everyone else & your weekends have been enjoyable & not too cold...

Have a good week!

Love Kay & Sime xx


  1. Wow, lots going on with you! That's a lot of rain you got- yikes!!

  2. That sounds like quite an adventure! We have not had any flooding here, but some quite severe frosts in the last couple of days. That food all looks amazing xxx

  3. Flipping heck,guys! So glad you are OK!
    Jane x

  4. what a great idea about the secret Santa!

  5. It looks like you are eating well. The food looks yummy. Take care with all that flooding. I hope it stops raining down your way.

  6. Oh my goodness ~ I'm glad to live in an area that doesn't have to deal with flooding. Very scary! Glad you and your family are safe!
    xo Catherine

  7. Molly - Cornwall is a very wet place, but at least we live up high!

    Fran - In 7 years we've had 1 frost. We're high above the sea, so get lots of wind though!

    Jane - The fun of living in the sticks!

    Kath - We've been doing secret santa for years, the kids are so creative - we always get something amazing, but just feel sorry for whoever gets us... We do try though!

    Karin - Thank you, the bakes are just layered raw vegetables topped with tomato sauce, lasagne & breadcrumbs. We bake them for about 1 1/2 hours in the oven on a medium heat, just simple & tasty! The rain still continues & yesterday we had a hail storm which lasted for about 20 minutes or more!

    Catherine - Luckily we live high up, so the flood water often gushes down our lane & we can watch it from the comfort of the house! It's not often that we would choose to venture out in it...

    Thanks everyone!

    Kay :)


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