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  My sister Joanne died 21 years ago – she would have been 52 today. Life was not easy for Jo; she was born with a congenital heart condition and was labelled “mentally handicapped”. Eventually that label was softened and it was deemed that she had “learning disabilities”. She had amazing abilities actually - they were just different to what the powers that be decided she should be good at...She had the most incredible memory, photographic really and could remember every tiny detail from years ago and when I say every detail, I mean everything...Dates, times, names, what we were wearing, what we all ate and drank. She was also a living encyclopaedia when it came to music, TV shows and films – it never ceased to blow our minds and provided hours of entertainment for my brother and I when we were kids. She was always right too, which bugged us. Jo also talked to dead people and had a very sharp sixth sense, it freaked me out on several occasions when we were sharing a bedroom to

Fleaby's Easy Listening Gems Part 1

Flea, much to Sime's disappointment, never really embraced the music genre associated with his namesake & although he often gets into scrapes & scraps... He's really a big softy, especially where music's concerned.  Here's some of his favourite tunes: He hopes you enjoy the videos as much as he does!

For The Love Of Food...And Family!

Food is the focus of all our family get-togethers... Sime's lentil stew is just wonderful, as is his mash. He adds leeks or spring onions (fried in just a little soy sauce) to mashed potatoes, as well as chopped mint, black pepper, a blob of mustard & a splash of plant milk. Bebe doesn't eat much, but has always been happy to eat veggie/vegan dishes with us... Kay made  Chocolate Fudge Cake , using the juice & zest of 2 oranges & some creamed coconut in the icing...  It had been Ryan's Birthday & as we don't see Sal & Ryan very often now they live in Bristol - we wanted to make a fuss! We also visited Pizza Express in Truro, who now feature a vegan (if a little spicy) pizza on their menu... They are always willing to accommodate us & adapt any pizza... This one is their vegan version of Giardiniera... Without the cheese & pesto. For dessert - raspberry sorbet & coffee! Tired & hung

Never Too Late

The busy times continue & it's not only work & B&B... In the last two weeks, we've received several calls regarding Bebe.  Firstly, she'd phoned 999 to complain that her electric heater was too hot... So it was suggested that she really needs to be assessed & a week's respite was on the cards... She refused to leave the house, so the carers are providing more support to keep an eye on her. Then we heard she smashed the socket that her heater plugs into & that she keeps turning her central heating off, so Sime asked the social worker to stick a label on the heating & we searched for an electrician. A couple of days later, it's all sorted... Then we get another call, Bebe's kettle has broken... So we've had one delivered today... Just hope everything will be ok now for a bit, although she does have cellulitis in one of her legs & we're struggling to track down the community nurses to find out more!  Yesterday was

Disco In Kernow

Our lovely friend, Simon turned 50 recently & had a great party in  Chyan's  apple barn at the weekend. Simon in his fabulous outfit! We first met Simon, his wife Jane & their eldest daughter, 10 years ago at Newquay Zoo on a home education trip.  Over the years our families have become really good friends, though we don't see each other as often as we'd like these days - when we do get-together it's always nice & lots of fun! They are wonderful people & have been there for us on so many occasions (even though they live over 40 miles away). Coming over & cooking meals, helping us with nan when she was alive, picking the kids up or dropping them off, taking care of Hugo while we go away, giving us hugs when we've needed them & much much more. So it was lovely to catch up again this weekend. The kidlets love S, J & their girls too & they all really got into the spirit of things... Sal as Velma from Scooby D

The Angel

Hugo is 16 today! In December he took part in a circus show called The Angel - he was the devil! The show was amazing, but Sime had turned the flash off again, so the photos came out quite blurred, he did manage to get some footage of the finale. The birthday boy has had a busy weekend spent with friends & also has a new furry friend, who he's enjoying getting to know! One of our B&B guests said Hugo is a credit to us...  A real gentleman! He's certainly the most loveliest young chap we know! Happy Birthday Buddy! Lots of love, snugs & hugs, Momwah & Popwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

My Chap...

Is 52 today! On July 13th 1986 in The King's Arms in Congleton, I shyly handed over the first of many birthday cards.  If anyone had said that evening that we would go on to marry, have 3 beautiful children, be living in Cornwall, have our own business & be wonderfully happy... I would have thought they were mad! Happy Birthday to the man I adore! I prefer your version...  Lots of love, snugs, cuds, hugs & kisses. KT xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Birthday Buddy

Little Rozzy Raspberry was 22 yesterday!  Not really so little any more... It has been a joy to watch Rose blossom with confidence over the last year. You can read about her  here ,  here  &  here ... And she still has a taste for choccie! Our sweet girl is one of the loveliest, kindest, thoughtful people we know! Happy Birthday beautiful chickpea!!! Lots of love, hugs, snugs & cuds, Momwah & Popwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Firstborn's Birthday

Sallnessnessnoss  24 today - Where have those years gone?! We are delighted to say she is still as lovely as ever & we feel very lucky to have produced such a beautiful girlie... No idea how we did it! More about Sal   And her website Happy Birthday Sweet Buddy! Lots of love, hugs, snugs & cuds. Momwah & Poppaloppa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Three houses to clean tomorrow & two more on Saturday, then we've got 2 days off... Yippee! We're managing to get everything done, although it's tiring - so we're just working, eating & sleeping! My birthday in Fowey was a lovely break, but we were both quite tired... This is a great bus stop outside of the town... Fowey is pronounced "Foy". Walking down from the car park... It's quite a steep walk. We love old telephones - my Nan & granddad had a Bakelite phone & we have a  a 746 phone . Quirky window display... The King of Prussia has gone pink! Fowey harbour... The village over the water is Polruan... The sea was really clear... We decided to walk to the other end of the town... RNLI lifeboat... Ducks again... The car ferry which goes between Fowey & Bodinnick... On impulse we decided to catch the ferry... Oh dear - droopy drawers & unbrushed hair. Can't believe Sime took this one! And onto the ferry... Bo