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For The Love Of Food...And Family!

Food is the focus of all our family get-togethers...

Sime's lentil stew is just wonderful, as is his mash.
He adds leeks or spring onions (fried in just a little soy sauce) to mashed potatoes, as well as chopped mint, black pepper, a blob of mustard & a splash of plant milk.

Bebe doesn't eat much, but has always been happy to eat veggie/vegan dishes with us...

Kay made Chocolate Fudge Cake, using the juice & zest of 2 oranges & some creamed coconut in the icing... 
It had been Ryan's Birthday & as we don't see Sal & Ryan very often now they live in Bristol - we wanted to make a fuss!

We also visited Pizza Express in Truro, who now feature a vegan (if a little spicy) pizza on their menu...

They are always willing to accommodate us & adapt any pizza... This one is their vegan version of Giardiniera... Without the cheese & pesto.

For dessert - raspberry sorbet & coffee!

Tired & hungry after cleaning a couple of houses...

But happy!!!

Kay & Sime


Kath said…
Happy belated birthday Ryan! waves to Bebe :-)
All that food looks delicious! I always do that to my pizza too, spread it with a massive pile of rocket :-)
I've been having an interesting time recently. My Uncle died last year, I knew he was a vegan, animal rights and anti-vivisection activist, who had appeared on TV, but I only recently learned that he campaigned for a vegan blood donor register.