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Las Palabras de Tontos

We've at last come across someone nuttier than Sime... We finally made our trip down into Spain, to the city of Figueres & visited  Dali Theatre-Museum .  As I suspected, we didn't make it to Barcelona - we'd overslept & not started out until after 11am... One consolation of heading south is that it got warmer & we had our thermal underwear on as it was cold when we left France! The Museum was very warm, stuffy & busy...   But was full of weird & wonderful creations! Dali bought the theatre in 1960 & spent over 20 years installing various works of art.  He is buried in a crypt underneath the museum. He also created amazing jewellery - this piece has a beating heart... We arrived in the city, not knowing the whereabouts of the museum. After catching a glimpse & then getting lost in the one-way system, it took a while to find our way back. This is also home of the  Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation . Salvador met Gala in the 20s, they marr