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Sun, Sea & Dolphin Music

We're getting into the swing of things again - working hard & getting organised.  It's such a great feeling & I love it when it all goes like clockwork! Today, we were up & out early, 4 properties to prepare for this weekend's arrivals...  Last night's business meeting* paid off & so everything was completed with time to spare!  We even had time to visit our favourite cafe in Mevagissey for a cuppa, which has just re-opened after the floods in November & enjoyed soaking up the sun for a short while in the grounds of one house - so it's been a good day! *In other words - sitting at our dining table, drinking herbal tea, eating home-made chocolate brownies, me making suggestions for our day ahead & taking notes, while Sime just agrees to everything & doodles. The weather is wonderful, blue skies & so warm, though I suppose it's scary & not normal for this time of year - but still very welcome. We seem to have bypassed spring

No snow for us...

Everywhere in the UK seems to have had some snow just lately, except our little peninsula. It has been really cold though! Only 2 weeks ago we had some serious flooding in the area.  Mevagissey, which is just a couple of miles down the road, was hit really bad... Sime took these a few hours after the flood water had peaked. It's going to take a long time for homes & businesses to recover again, but everyone involved seems to be strong & determined to get back on their feet! It seems strange that just a few days after the floods, we were plunged into freezing temperatures - weather that we really are not used to around here & our house, although we have heating, has been the coldest we have known in the 5 years we have lived here (the price we pay for living in such an old draughty farmhouse)! Anyway, a good way to keep warm is to keep busy & so we've spent lots of time over the last few days making & baking... My rustic 'no knead' loaves...