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Shell Island

Shell Island   Mid-week In October is just wonderful for being on such a beautiful beach! Hugo Poor dead crab... We had it to ourselves... Jellyfish... Hugo on the sand dune... A very tall, thin person... Harlech Castle is in the distance... And the mountains of Snowdonia... A stunning place to be... Just fantastic! Thought I would share this video with you too. I think it's really funny...  Firstly, Sime is talking to himself (he's losing it, I swear), then he has some sought of absence - just staring upwards for a few too many seconds, it's hilarious & he's such a weirdo! Secondly, Hugo's doing what the kids have always done on sand dunes... But he's getting too long & gangly for it now, so watch what happens... Bye for now.  From the most sensible member of the family, Kay :)