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Lunch At Eden

We haven't eaten at  The Eden Cafe  for a while & thought we would pop in & see what's on offer... Hugo had a mushroom burger with fries... And we both had a bowl of vegetable & peanut curry. Which was delicious & a gorgeous colour... We paid £5 each & could help ourselves to their artisan bread, which was nice dipped in! We were looking for the meteor shower at 1am this morning... Didn't see it, but the sky was beautiful!!! Kay & Sime xx    

The Eden Cafe

The Dolphins Fly are going to be playing at The Eden Cafe  on June 4th. The Cafe is part of  The Eden Project  & opened in St Austell's town centre, earlier this year. It's going to be quite an event & Eden is keen to promote the evening, as it will be the launch of music sessions held there. Yesterday, the manager contacted us & requested all sorts from the band - posters, flyers, bio, photos, links to their websites & a quote of why they want to play there... So it's starting to feel exciting, this is the kind of venues they should be playing & I'm pretty sure that soon - it'll be even bigger places! We've become quite fond of the place...  They do free WI-FI, so we've spent several hours here during the last few weeks! Today, we visited just before closing time... So it was practically empty. It will be amazing if the place is full on the 4th! Now have to think of ways of persuading all their fans & potential fans to come alon