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Lunch At Eden

We haven't eaten at The Eden Cafe for a while & thought we would pop in & see what's on offer...

Hugo had a mushroom burger with fries...

And we both had a bowl of vegetable & peanut curry.
Which was delicious & a gorgeous colour...

We paid £5 each & could help ourselves to their artisan bread, which was nice dipped in!

We were looking for the meteor shower at 1am this morning...
Didn't see it, but the sky was beautiful!!!

Kay & Sime



Catherine said…
Looks like another yummy meal!
I didn't know there was to be a meteor shower!
Happy Sunday Kay & Sime!
xo Catherine
Karin said…
Glad to hear you are well enough to be getting out and about, Kay. The food looks very tasty. As it happens we had a vegetable curry last night as we couldn't be bothered to go shopping and there were lots of vegetables in our veg box.
Catherine - thank you & the meteor maybe on tonight too!

Karin - thank you & we're having a veggie curry tonight too!

Kay :)
Jane and Chris said…
I think it's time for me to make a curry
Jane x