Natural Light

There Will Be Blood

We're not really auditioning for a vampire film...

Or preparing for the Zombie Walk in St Austell...

It's just easy to get into a mess...

When drinking a dark juice...

We juiced 5 small beetroot, 4 carrots, a bunch of celery, 3 apples, a whole lime & a knob of ginger!

Which made nearly 2 pints - a delicious quick lunch between jobs.

We've been really busy today, catching up with work now our car is back on the road.

We were hoping to go away for a couple of weeks in November or December & had been looking at cottages in the Scottish Highlands, but the car has cost us the holiday money, so looks like we'll be having a staycation instead, a very local one... 
Perhaps we'll stay in our guest room & just pretend we're away!

Kay & Sime


Playing Hooky said…
I have to say that I can think of no better place to stay. I'm sure you'll love it.
Scarlet said…
Sorry to hear your trip won't be going ahead - we were looking forward to seeing you en route. x
Thanks Cathy - you are very kind! It makes us very happy that you enjoyed your stay!

Hi Scarlet - I know... We were looking forward to seeing you too, maybe next year!

Kay :)
Anonymous said…
Ah, how perfect for the month! Love the pictures of you two. :)

That stinks that you can't take your vacation, but I'm glad you can at least take a staycation. I hope you have fun!
Thanks Molly - I'm sure we'll still enjoy ourselves, we're going to visit our folks for a few days next week, so that will be nice!

Kay :)
I'm just having a blog reading catch-up and was sorry to hear your problem has returned. I too have an immune system condition (MS) and keep to a veggie diet; I would like to take the plunge and try vegan but with the rest of the family being meat-eaters it's a daunting idea.
A staycation in your own guest room is a great idea - just make sure you aren't tempted to do any work just because you are at home. I know I would be :-)
Teresa x