Vegan Beer

Our home made organic hops & lavender beer!

Sime has been passionate about real ale for many years, but unfortunately - not a lot of it is vegetarian, let alone vegan...

Most breweries use fish finings (isinglass) or egg whites to clear their beer...

We don't use anything & within 3 weeks of making - it is sparkling clear & ready to drink!

This recipe contains approx 200g dried hops, 100g dried lavender, 2kg malt extract, 1kg raw sugar & 5 teaspoons of dried yeast & along with about 25 litres of filtered water makes just over 40 pints of delicious home brew...
We simmer the hops & lavender  for about an hour in our largest pan (holds about 5 litres). Put the malt extract & sugar into the fermenting bin with more boiled water, then strain the herbs & add the lovely smelling liquid to the bin. Top up with cold filter water & once hand hot - pitch the yeast.
It takes about 1 week to ferment & once it's stopped bubbling, we syphon into a barrel or bottles. The barrel clears quicker & is usually ready to drink within 2 weeks.

CAMRA lists beers that are suitable, which is really helpful.

We've thought lots about using the proper grains to make an even better beer, but it seems such a difficult & long winded way, needing more professional equipment, so for now we'll just carry on doing it this way... 

Kay & Sime



  1. That seems like a lot of work for a 'cold one' but I guess it probably tastes extra good since you made it yourself! Cheers friend!
    xo Catherine

  2. I would very much like a glass of this...


  3. We make wine and beer and never use the yuck stuff....takes a bit longer to clear,but it does.
    Jane x

  4. ve been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thx again

  5. Catherine - It's not that difficult, we've been making beer for only 20 years & the nice thing is we know what's in it & it costs a fraction of shop or pub bought beer. We've worked out that costs about 50p a pint for our organic beer, compared to nearly £4 in a pub!

    Thanks Pearl!

    Jane - we haven't made wine for a long time, but very much want to!


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