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Vegan Protein

One of the things most people seem to think is that vegans don't get enough protein, but what lots of folks don't realise is eating vegetables can provide even more protein than meat...

Dr Michael Klaper explains more...

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Kay & Sime


Jane and Chris said…
YAY for vegans!!!!
I believe the world will end up vegan one day...not through the majority of choice but because the planet will no longer be able to sustain itself any other way.
Jane x
We think so too & what a wonderful thing that will be!

Kay :)
Anonymous said…
Mike used to get so many comments from the guys at work about being vegan. However, through the years they no longer say anything. I'm thinking it's because he's staying in such great shape while they age not so gracefully.... Must be our "lack" of protein! ha!
Folks have so much to learn...

Kay :)
Scarlet said…
J's colleagues have noticed that he has changed his diet - he has his drinks black , and he turned down a freshly baked sausage roll the other day, and chocolate. He was asked if he is ' on some sort of health kick'. It definitely feels like the best one we've ever been on, and at 50 he is looking more fabulous every day - or is that just because I love him so much? Chickpea curry for tea today - my absolute favourite thing at the moment, and packed with protein as it has cauliflower in it too!
Thanks for posting dr Klaper I haven't come across him before. Off to read more of his work.
Love Leanne
Scarlet - That's great to hear. Although my thyroid is playing up, we are being told quite frequently that we look well!

Leanne - Dr Klapper seems to make so much sense & he has a beard, which gets a thumbs up from me!

Kay :)
Susan Heather said…
and then there are all those wonderful grains such as millet, quinoa etc.
Hi Susan, whole grains are great - we eat both of those. Quinoa & amaranth are both high in protein & of course there are pulses, seeds & nuts... We have hemp powder in our porridge every morning.

Kay :)
Kath said…
I think I will laminate that first table and carry it around with me, so when I get the inevitable question, I can whip it out with a flourish and silence the doubters!