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Roller Coaster

The last week seems to have been crazy, several owners of properties we care for have decided to sell or rent out long term, it's like all of a sudden everyone's starting to panic about their finances - we've lost 4 big earning jobs - just like that... We've been through a blip & have worried whether we would have to leave this house sooner than we'd expected, as we were convinced that we would no longer be able to afford the rent... Then something great happened - a new job came along & then another one & suddenly we've realised that we're going to be busy again, especially around Christmas, so the heat is off. We had a good chat with our landlord, his Wife & Son - they don't want us to leave & for some reason, they think we are wonderful (we think they are too)! So now one of our dreams is about to come true - they've given us the go ahead to start doing B&B - yippee! We hope to be starting in the spring & are now ful