Roller Coaster

The last week seems to have been crazy, several owners of properties we care for have decided to sell or rent out long term, it's like all of a sudden everyone's starting to panic about their finances - we've lost 4 big earning jobs - just like that...

We've been through a blip & have worried whether we would have to leave this house sooner than we'd expected, as we were convinced that we would no longer be able to afford the rent...

Then something great happened - a new job came along & then another one & suddenly we've realised that we're going to be busy again, especially around Christmas, so the heat is off.

We had a good chat with our landlord, his Wife & Son - they don't want us to leave & for some reason, they think we are wonderful (we think they are too)!
So now one of our dreams is about to come true - they've given us the go ahead to start doing B&B - yippee!
We hope to be starting in the spring & are now full of excitement - lots to do & think about...

The weather changed last night & has now got much colder, but yesterday it was fairly mild, so we had a walk along to the Donkeys Coffee Morning. 
There are four of them & they live just over a mile away...
Barbara & Sue are their carers, who work tirelessly - raising money for a safe haven which helps mistreated donkeys in Israel & Palestine. They sell second hand books all year round just outside the Donkey field or in the pub & are always busying about. Our previous house had 3 donkeys on the land, so we have a real soft spot for them...

The Donkey Barn - books, cakes & pickles for sale on the right. 
Refreshments & straw bale seats on the left...

The boss - Poppy

The 2 brown donkeys are Mother & Son - Penny & Tuppence...

Holly - who arrived here a couple of Christmases ago...

Lovely buddies...

Our very own lovely buddy too...

We've been out with the home ed group today - to an amazing place & had a great time!
Will tell you all about it soon...

Kay & Sime xx


  1. I'm glad to discover that is the donkey barn, I was thinking you'd a lot of work to do on the house to be ready for B&B in the Spring, otherwise.

    Hope it works out.

  2. I was thinking the same as Karin, LOL
    Glad everything sorted itself out, that must have been a worrying time. I'm not surprised your landlords want to kep you, with your positive and cheerful outlook on life, you must be a pleasure to have around.

  3. Awwww.... the little donkeys are so cute! And of course kitty is too! And add Kay and Sime to that as well! Cute cute cute!

    Have a happy day friends!
    xo Catherine

  4. Karin & Kath - Thank you! We would actually be more than happy to live in a simple barn like that, though think it would be a bit small for a B&B...

    Thank you Catherine too - you are very sweet!

    Kay :)

  5. I am so happy to hear about your new jobs. A B&B - how exciting!! Those donkeys are the sweetest things.

  6. I love to hear about good things happening to good people...congrats on the exciting B&B prospect! And I love the donkeys, what sweethearts :) I also love that they're being cared for. Take care...


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