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Serious times are upon us...
This photo was taken last week.
 Sime was clearing up out-of-date paperwork. 
He puts it in piles on the floor for recycling & burning, but then he gets fed-up & says he'll finish it the next day.
Which is fine - usually...

This time he slipped on the paper walking through the dining room in the dark.
He stumbled & ended up bashing his side on a chair...
He has a large bruise which is fading now with arnica, but we did end up visiting firstly, the local minor injuries dept (which is actually over 12 miles away). 
What a terrible place it is, yes it's free - but incredibly degrading. The waiting room was full & you have to ring a bell to get the receptionist's attention. When she arrives at the hatch, she speaks very loudly & discusses your problem for all to hear. 
Then you are left to just sit & wait, surrounded by whole families & lots of small children running around.
We decided to sit outside the room in the hallway & another woman came to chat to us, she was supporting her Husband & had been waiting for over 2 hours.
Doing our calculations, we worked out we would have to wait probably at least 3 hours before Sime would be seen, so in his wisdom - Sime cancelled his appointment & we left. 
He just didn't have the patience or the ability to sit for that length of time...

Anyway, that same night he was in agony & the painkillers were not working, so we went off to Truro A&E.
We arrived at 10pm & were pleasantly surprised to see just a handful of others waiting.
He was promptly seen by a nurse & given some strong painkillers, which eventually eased the pain & enabled him to sit down, but then we had another 2 hours to wait before he saw a doctor.

We were taken into a cubicle, where a nurse came & asked all the same questions that the previous nurse had done... She also had a look & feel around Sime's bruise & asked a couple more questions: Who's this with you? Do you have a job? I think she seriously thought that I was his carer from a local homeless hostel - he was just so scruffy & unkempt....
And when she suggested that Sime may have damaged his liver & will need a scan - we were both shocked!
She left us while she went to find a doctor & for a second or two, I felt panicked - what would this mean??? Will he have to stay in? Will he be ok? How will I cope without him?
Before I burst into tears, the12 year old doctor came in...

She had a good rummage, though not before she'd put her gloves on & it was decided that there was probably just some muscle damage & no need for an x-ray.
Was this because of his appearance or did she really think that that was all it was?
He was prescribed strong painkillers & we finally arrived back home at 2am.

As he got up this morning & was still suffering so much, he thought it would be a good idea to see one of our GPs & she thinks he has possibly broken a rib.

It will be about 6 weeks before he's back to normal, so in the meantime - we've been banned from saying anything funny...

which is harder than you think...

Bye for now,

Kay & Sime xx


Kath said…
Oh, you 2 are a hoot!

Sorry to hear you had such a rotten time, both of you. Fingers crossed it is nothing more serious than some rainbow bruising. Get well soon Sime!
Thanks Kath.

And whoops - we've had emails about my comments on Sime looking like a homeless person... Sorry, I am not suggesting that all homeless people are scruffy!

Sime's just a dirty musician... A bit like Radiohead!

Kay :)
Catherine said…
Oh no! This is not good at all! But laughter makes the best medicine so perhaps just a light chuckle now and then would be OK.... ;)

Best wishes for Sime to get feeling better soon! Don't over do it!

xo Catherine
Anonymous said…
I am a little behind in my blog reading, so, HOLY CRAP!! I am happy to hear that it isn't the liver. If it makes you feel better I won't laugh at all until Sime feels better.
Do you feel better yet?
Sol said…
hi there, found you by another blog...

Hope Sime is feeling better.

All nurses and Drs should wear gloves it is more for your protection that they may have touched someone else.

I fell badly 2 years ago and you can still see my bruises.

Wishing Sime swift mending!
Thank you all for your lovely comments. I'm feeling much better & can almost laugh uncontrollably!

Kay's been force feeding me various concoctions of arnica, calendula, echinacea & nettles, the bruise has almost gone & have even managed to work today!