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Refined Confinement

We haven't worked for a week...

Since Sime's fall - we've been spending lots of time in front of the fire...

And cuddling the kitties...

It's been lovely to spend time with our furry friends...
 Instead of dashing out whenever we've got some spare time.

I was struggling with being serious & not getting close to Sime without him backing off & shouting "No"...
But now, we've got into the swing of a very formal existence - not unlike a middle-aged couple in a Jane Austen novel!
 So it's just a pat on the hand or head, instead of a hug. A bit of light conversation at meal times (without laughs of course) & a peck on the cheek on waking & going to sleep...
I am no longer allowed to tell funny stories or sing silly songs & jumping out is strictly forbidden.
So before we meet for tea & crumpets in the parlour, I'd just like to say...
If my luck's in tonight I might be able to snuggle up to Mr Smith's left arm!

Hopefully, there's light at the end of the tunnel & a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow!

Anyway, little finger out, swish, swish & away we go...

Chin, chin.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs Smith


Kath said…
I'm sure you'll soon be hugging and kissing like newlyweds again :-D
Pattypan said…
Dear Mrs Smith...... Remember anything good is worth waiting for!! But at least you have had a lovely log fire to curl up in front of - deeply jealous

Poor Sime - not even able to laugh without going ouch - must be murder! but it must be equally frustrating for you and your inveterate sense of humour. Pussy cats are meant to be very good at destressing people and situations. Keep patting the cats. Hope normality is resumed soon

Love to you both


Thank you Kath & Pattypan!

I'm feeling better every day.

Catherine said…
I am thinking you will have to give extra love and snuggles to the kitties until Mr. Smith gets his 'grove' back on with his side! Ha!

xo Catherine
Anonymous said…
Dear Mrs. Smith,
I guess you will have to take what you can get. Hopefully, your partner in crime feels better soon.
I am still not laughing. Can you tell?
Karin said…
I was sorry to read about Sime's injuries. It sounds like he's getting plenty of tlc, so hope he'll soon be on the mend. Hope you can enjoy fine weather this weekend, if cautiously.

I've not been visiting the world of blogs recently, not enough time, then I just joined the world of tweets, mind you they are very short.
Thank you Catherine & Mel.

Hello again Karin - thank you. Share your Twitter address!

Sime's bruise has gone, the pain is fading & he's managed 2 days of work.

The wonders of herbal medicine!

Kay :)
Karin said…
I'm glad Sime is feeling so much better.

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