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Anglesey & Beaumaris Castle

Off the north coast of Wales is the island of Anglesey... We travelled over the Menai Suspension Bridge, built by Thomas Telford . And stopped off at the lovely town of Beaumaris with it's wonderful castle... Beaumaris Castle  Definitely our favourite castle of the holiday. It took nearly 50 years to build & was still unfinished, but what a sinister history it has...  Edward I (AKA: Longshanks - Patrick McGoohan played him in Braveheart) was the man behind it all back in the 13th century...  He built all the castles in Wales as fortresses to enable him to conquer the Welsh. We also read that he had some similar castles built in France too, so he certainly got around a bit - when he wasn't busy chasing after Mel Gibson! We love the fact that the moat is still there... And we picked a quiet day! For an unfinished castle - it was pretty impressive... We liked how some of the towers had become overgrown... An arrow slit overlooking the moat...  There are lots of indoor