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Feeling Grateful

It's so lovely to be home... Being with our furry friends... Flea "high" on Catnip. Our big bear of a cat has missed his Daddy! Lupin is such a lovely boy! The sun came out to play yesterday... And made the sea look beautiful. Our quiz team (We called ourselves "The Winning Team") lost by one point... But we still enjoyed our evening... Especially the musical interlude with "The Mevagissey Quartet".  Their songs, mostly about growing up in Mevagissey had beautiful harmonies! Us - trying to be serious! I like my little camera phone - Sime found it in a hedge down the lane 3 years ago. We thought it was no good as it was full of moisture, but 1 year later - we discovered it had dried out. We tried a sim card from an old phone & hey presto - it worked!!!  Sime always has to spoil things... Looking forward to some nice things this week:  Having a gathering of kidlets & spending some time with our family - which is always nice!   Home ed