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Whoops - our laptop decided to post this before we'd even started... So apologies to those of you who've received photos & just one word by email! Before we show you Beddgelert - here is a photo of the sunrise on our first morning... After then it pretty much rained every day! Though it was still warm(ish) most days. Beddgelert was the nearest village to us & it has some nice picturesque bits... The River Colwyn runs through the village... And is surrounded by mountains... The playing field leads to a well known tourist attraction... Beddgelert means Gelert's Grave in English... Sad story... Though fortunately not true! A story invented by an 18th century publican...  To bring more tourists to the village & it's still working today! The pretty cottages on the other side of the river. The Welsh Highland Railway stops at Beddgelert... But it finished the day before for the Winter... So we walked the tracks instead! And there was no-one around to