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The Pathway To Home From Amnesty International After having a wonderful week away - we returned to a difficult time with Bebe, resulting in her having emergency respite & input from the complex care team. She is home again & it's not easy, but we have had some quality time with all the kidlets & have finished work for a few days in theory (although are still on call) - so we are just going to make the most of our time - chill out & give Bebe the attention she craves, as well as eat, be merry & enjoy extra time with Rose & Asa who are joining us again on Christmas Day. We hope you all have a splendid yule! Love Kay & Sime xx

Kicking Back

We have been desperate for some time out & were so happy when a plan came together at the last minute... This has been our base for the last few days. A small apartment in a beautiful old house right in the middle of Bishop's Castle... Above a fabulous cafe... Such a quirky place... With the tiniest of bathroom doorways... Which Sime keeps banging his head on... We are so happy to be having some time to ourselves...  No work, no care giving, no responsibilities, no clock watching.  Just doing exactly what we want to do, which so far has been perfect!!! Kay & Sime xx