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Rewilding Our Life - Days 17 and 18

Thursday, we went to  The Eden Project  for dinner in the Mediterranean Biome, which is as wild is it got that day... We are struggling to keep up with the activities from the challenge, as they arrive via email daily & usually long after we have left the house - so it's difficult.  We are still making the effort to be mindfully outside for at least 30 minutes every day, but we're just doing things our way - which suits us & maybe we'll incorporate rock sculptures & conversations with the younger generation on others days - If or when the opportunity arises. Anyway, back to Eden... We arranged for Bebe to go into respite for a few days, so this enabled us to get out in the evening... We enjoyed a couple of hours amongst indoor wildness... Time with Magie & Patrick... And a vegan feast... We were the last ones to leave... As always, a lovely night. On Friday after work we were exhausted - caring for Bebe, bein

Happy Home

After a couple of cancellations - we finally have our first official guests arriving on Monday. But first, we have Asa's (Rose's boyfriend) parents staying on Saturday, so it will be good to know what they think... We are keeping our prices fairly low: £20 a night for one person & £35 for two, including breakfast & hope our guests will enjoy our informal approach. We're also offering 2 course evening meals, including a jug of our home brewed beer for £5 a head. It's taken us ages to get our act together & give the place a makeover, partly because we haven't really wanted to splash out on new things, so we've moved furniture around & bought a few second hand bits... We recently found some really good quality curtains in a charity shop, so the two windows in the guest room are now matching! They are a big pair of curtains, so one is enough for each window & eventually we'll stick some hooks up to tie them back... We bought this bureau

Eden Project

On Monday we managed to get Hugo up early, so we could spend a few hours at Eden . It was lovely, sunny & incredibly hot in the biomes... 100s of coins thrown into the waterfall! We love Education Otherwise's  Logo. School Is Not Compulsory.   We walked up to the  Rainforest Lookout  last year... Baobab Smoothie with coconut milk & fresh mint - it was really good! A bird feasting on papaya... A cool breeze at the entrance to the rainforest biome! Vegan strawberry sorbet A chap having a massage in the Med biome... The olive oil trail... The stage is being prepared ready for the Eden Sessions . A beautiful bee! The vegan grub was also gluten free... Sime's piled up plate (of course). We had an aubergine spiral thing which was just ok, new potatoes & salad... We found it all a bit dry really, so the bowl of leek & oatmeal gloop  soup we shared, also got used as a sauce! The mugs above the tables... They provide jugs of wa