Natural Light

Eden Project

On Monday we managed to get Hugo up early, so we could spend a few hours at Eden.
It was lovely, sunny & incredibly hot in the biomes...

100s of coins thrown into the waterfall!

We love Education Otherwise's Logo.
School Is Not Compulsory.  

We walked up to the Rainforest Lookout last year...

Baobab Smoothie with coconut milk & fresh mint - it was really good!

A bird feasting on papaya...

A cool breeze at the entrance to the rainforest biome!

Vegan strawberry sorbet

A chap having a massage in the Med biome...

The olive oil trail...

The stage is being prepared ready for the Eden Sessions.

A beautiful bee!

The vegan grub was also gluten free... Sime's piled up plate (of course).
We had an aubergine spiral thing which was just ok, new potatoes & salad... We found it all a bit dry really, so the bowl of leek & oatmeal gloop soup we shared, also got used as a sauce!

The mugs above the tables...

They provide jugs of water on each table, so you can just grab a mug.


A lovely day with our not so little chappy!

Hope you're having a good weekend.

Kay & Sime


Molly said…
Oh, wow, would I ever be in heaven there! It looks like such a wonderful time. What a gorgeous place.
Liz said…
do you use vegan and/or natural cleaning products in your holiday let cleaning? I'd love to see a blog post about your favourite cleaning methods and products if so!
Susan Heather said…
Wow that looks great. I really must start writing down my bucket list. It is all in my head which is not very good at remembering.
Jane and Chris said…
I could quite happily live in the plantation house. It seems that only vegans make good vegan food, non vegans have an odd idea of what tastes good.
Jane x
And it only costs us £5 each for a local annual pass, so we can go as often as we like - which is nice!

Kay :)
Hi Liz - Thanks for your comment. We've used Bio D products for many years: & at home we use lemon juice, bicarb, vinegar, borax & soda crystals.

Here's a blog from a few weeks ago:

Kay :)
Hi Susan - Eden is definitely worth a visit!

Kay :)
We would too! There's also a great bamboo house in the rainforest biome - which we'd be very happy with...

You're right about the food - it was just very bland!

Kay :)
Catherine said…
What a cool place to visit!
Looks like you all had a really great day.
Happy Sunday!
xo Catherine
Kath said…
It all looks just wonderful, I can't wait to go there myself. Such blue skies too!
Thanks for commenting with that book you suggested, I bet Dil and I would both enjoy that. I shall see if I can reserve it at our library.
just Gai said…
Your £5 pass is a real bargain when an adult ticket costs £23. Though I'm glad to see that they offer a reduction to visitors arriving by public transport.
There are some lovely plants in your photos! And the famous strawberry sorbet too! I must go to the Eden Project one day!
Karin said…
Lovely photos. Glad you enjoyed your day out. I wouldn't mind visiting again if I lived nearer.

Ryton Organic Gardens is well worth a visit if you are ever near Coventry, but that's somewhere else I can't get to very often.