Pot Of Gold

Saw this rainbow on our way home from Stoke...

And we think we found the end of it!

We didn't find any gold, but since returning home - we've been inundated by calls & emails offering extra work...

Didn't expect to have to work hard for that pot...

This is what's waking us up this week.

And we are feeling good...

Especially in the odd bits of sunshine we keep getting!

5 properties to clean today & 2 others needing a quick visit...

No idea when we'll be home - Hahaha!

Hope you're all having a good week.

Kay & Sime


  1. Ah, Nina Simone. Love her! Especially Sinner Man. :)

    A full rainbow is such a great sight. I saw a double full rainbow over Lake Michigan one time. So beautiful!

    1. I love My Baby Just Cares For Me & Wild Is The Wind is just beautiful... Sinnerman is great too, especially the long version! She's a wonderful piano player & we do like a bit of jazz...

      We never tire of seeing rainbows - heehee!

      Kay :)

  2. Such a pretty rainbow - gold or no gold! Hope you two have a happy sunny weekend!
    xo Catherine


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