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When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Baking

We were supposed to go out to work today, but the apartment doesn't need to be ready until tomorrow - so we decided to have another day at home. We've not really done much - the walks haven't happened for 3 days now, but we're determined to get back into it soon.  We were going to tidy the garden - but instead I had an urge to bake... We started off with pancakes for breakfast (which I forgot to photograph). Then I made bread dough to make a couple of loaves. I added ground rosehips as an experiment & it made the dough overflow... There was enough for some bread rolls too - which ended up like small loaves (Sime reckons I've cracked the secret to feeding the 5000)!  Then I thought - while the oven's on, I'll make a batch of cookies... So we're now stuffed full of stodgy food & fit to burst! But I'm really impressed with the rosehips - The bread has all turned out soft & lighter than usual, so I'll definitely use it again!