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First Attempt At Marmalade

We made our first ever batch of marmalade yesterday... After doing loads of research & having advice from Pattypan  - we took the plunge. We bought a marmalade kit from  Riverford .  This contained Seville oranges & lemons - along with a recipe, which we found a bit complicated, so instead we looked on our bookshelf... The recipe we eventually settled on was taken from:  Val Harrison's  book, We wanted to use brown sugar & this one looked easy to do - although now looking at it online, she's made some changes. Val now suggests to soak overnight, add a litre more water & to weigh the mixture before adding the sugar. It took about 8 hours to do from start to finish & we've ended up with 8 jars of a delicious, though a bit dry (more peel than liquid) mixture. It hasn't set that well, but it's quite thick & it'll be fine - just hope we got the sterilising right... We shall persevere & want to try adding interesting ingredients