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The Dolphins Fly New Single

Soon to be released ... Hope you like it! Sime x

Weekend Starts Here

We've worked today, but it's been a wonderfully straightforward day... Our first B&B guests cancelled their stay with us - due to the weather... Luckily, we still got paid, so nevermind & it means I get to go out instead, as tonight Sime's off to the most westerly village in mainland Britain - where The Dolphins Fly have a gig... We've also got 2 days off - which is nice! Hope you're all having a lovely weekend. Kay & Sime  xx

A Week In The Life Of Zombies

 We've had a week of hassle, cock-ups & frustrating times with our work... Folks wanting to turn up early at holiday lets (in one case - a day early), owners wanting to re-arrange plans at the last minute, guests getting lost en route to their holiday properties, a one-off job that got cancelled due to the keyholder forgetting to give us the key & yesterday we discovered a family were waiting at a house we hadn't even prepared!  After a full day's work, when we felt we could do no more - we were thrown into disarray & had to greet the poor family who had travelled over 300 miles, arriving in Cornwall to house that wasn't ready - Whoops! This is the first time we've ever let anyone down & were convinced that it was the agency who had neglected to tell us, but on return home - we found an email sent several weeks ago... We take care of 2 properties with that agency & they sent the info on one mail, we only saw the bookings for the first house &

Dolphins Compilation

This is a compilation of some recent gigs with  The Dolphins Fly ... Hope you enjoy watching as much as we love playing them! I'm really loving "We Lost" & "She Runs" at the moment. Would love to know what everyone else thinks... Some more videos to bore you with soon! Simon x

Things Are Hotting Up

We can't believe how busy we are at the moment. And not just with work... The Dolphins Fly  have lots of gigs... Then there's all the admin work to do around the band. And with some big shows coming up - means lots of media interest! So they had a photo shoot last week too... We've had lots of cleaning work, although today... Got cancelled, so we had a bite to eat out... Sime has become a bit too obsessed with photo shoot posing... And is very excited about a guitar he's piecing together. So has had the back plate engraved with his band nickname & a bass clef! (He is a bit odd at times...) Exhaustion has crept up with us yet again! And of course we just get silly... I know - we are sad!  And there's probably over 20 of these... But we'll spare you for now... And get off to bed! Night, night. Kay & Sime xx

The Taste Of Things To Come

It's no surprise that Sime & I had to have a proper lie-in this morning... We've worked really hard over the last few days, especially yesterday - getting jobs done & houses ready for guests. To top it all - we were invited to an album launch by a local band last night, so we went along. The band, in my opinion were pretty awful... They were competent musicians, but had concentrated on spending money on equipment & image - instead of on their music. The Dolphins will be playing the same venue next month & I know that the night will have much more of a buzz about it, so really looking forward to it! Our eating habits have gone up the creek again this weekend - we were eating pasta at midnight last night, as we'd skipped a meal & were then hungry when we got home. Today, we ended up having breakfast at 2pm & nothing else until 10pm tonight! Tomorrow, we have a big clean to do, so no doubt - we'll go without breakfast, but have a good lunch ins

Last Night...

It's always nice to get-together with all the kids...  It's also very rare! But last night we managed to all see the old man's band play... Which was a nice thing to do, though I have to admit - I really didn't like the pub! There were certainly a few characters around.  Being country bumpkins - a Friday night in a large town centre pub isn't really my idea of a good time & I just found myself feeling very uncomfortable in that environment, just so glad the kids were there too! There wasn't any trouble, but it felt like there could have been at any time! The band played well, but only the landlady of the pub seemed to really appreciate them. Such a shame for great musicians to play to a disinterested crowd, but that's the way it goes...  I suppose these experiences will only spur the guys on to get what they really want & take a step up to the next level - where they deserve to be!  Here's a video of them performing  California  from last ni

Fruit & Nut Cases

We've had lots of messages from folks saying what nutters we are for driving through the waves the other day, though I don't know why I'm included - I didn't want to do it! Saying that - we are used to driving through it, though neither of us have ever seen the sea that high before!  Some years ago, we had a French student staying with us, Sime thought he would like to experience high tide down there, so he took him & Hugo . They decided to take a chance, got out of the car, went up to the water's edge & then realised that a massive wave was about to hit them, they ran & jumped behind the wall of the end house.  Needless to say - the wave shot over the wall & the three of them ended up drenched! We've also heard stories of cars being swept away in that very cove - which is why the bollards are there... Anyway, Sime wouldn't have taken a chance if he thought we were in danger...  We really have to get to bed now.  We have an early start tom

New Camera!

We've had another busy weekend - So this is just a quickie... Just want to show off our new Sony compact camera - which I've used at Sime's gigs. Have put a few videos on Youtube, but this one has come out the best. Enjoy & night, night! Kay :)               

Festival Season Begins

Another busy day yesterday... We had three holiday properties to prepare for guests & then had to drive over 40 miles to a festival in the West of Cornwall - where Sime's band were performing. We have friends who live near there, so they joined us too - which made for an enjoyable evening! The guy behind the festival is known as Bones & this was his way of showing folks the way! Our friends' Daughters - Biby who had a great time playing with all the little people... And Madi, who was bored & tired... Along with Hugo! Only a few years ago, the 2 of them would have been running around & exploring... There were lots of young families there & it brought home to us how removed we are from all that now, our kids have moved on & we do things differently. For instance, lots of families were camping overnight in small tents on a slope, we would have done that too - years ago, but now we prefer to be comfortable & the three of us were happy to be coming h

More Dolphins

I think everyone will start getting very bored if we keep posting photos of Sime's band, but it is his 2nd gig with them & in a pretty cool venue - so it's worthy of a mention! Bunters Bar in Truro is well known in Cornwall for it's live music & our friend, Sheila came along too - which was lovely, as we haven't had a proper chance to catch up for ages! Sheila's not keen on having her photo taken! This is one of Sime's photos of the guys setting up - I love the lights! Another setting up one... There are screens all over the place, so everybody could watch the band! The chaps in action... And another dark video of one of Sime's favourite songs, you can just about see him on the right... He has yet another gig tomorrow with them at a festival in West Cornwall - we're also working, so another busy day ahead! Kay :)

Cracked Earth & Weird Weather

Have finally been able to upload our weekend photos! On Saturday, we went to Treyarnon Bay near Padstow in North Cornwall. Although, it's only 40 miles away from where we live - it looks like they haven't had rain for a long time! It's 7 years ago since we last visited this beach & it hasn't changed... The tide pool to the left of Hugo is where the kids used to love swimming... It was a bit chilly, but we walked from Treyarnon... To Constantine... And back... Then it was off to Sime's first gig with the new band. Some photos with the flash... The guy in the wellies loved the music & danced all night! Mart on the left, his brother - Dave on the right, Billy on drums & some old man on bass... Who had to refer to his notes now & then... Great music, Hugo & I really enjoyed it... If all goes to plan - I'll be a lady of leisure by next year! Wouldn't that be nice? After an incredibly late night, we woke to blue skies & very war