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The Pyrenees *Part 2*

Once we joined the mountain pass from Mont Louis, we caught sight of Le Petit Train Jaune  & more or less followed it all the way to it's destination... The train makes a 3 hour journey from Villefranche-de-Conflent to Latour-de-Carol, several times a day & the company still use some of the original carriages, from when it started up in 1910! We actually caught up with it on one of it's return journeys. The carriages are supposed to be very basic & they don't have any toilets... Another beautiful sky... We did wonder about going on the train ourselves - though I'm not sure whether I'm brave enough! At the station just outside of Villefranche... We actually visited this village 10 years ago, while camping near Perpignan. (Salla & Rozzy - you'll probably remember, though it was a lot colder this time, Roz - it was where you got locked in the loo & Dad had to rescue you & Sal - I think we both bought bags from a hippy shop!)  Again,

Lovely Pair O' Knees *Part 1*

On Monday, we had a full day out - in search of snowy mountains... From Carcassonne, to Limoux, Couiza to Quillan - where we joined the mountain pass down to Axat. The pass is literally cut through the mountains & the overhangs mean it's a bit tricky for high vehicles... On the other side of Axat, the pass climbs up & we finally see snow! And icicles...                      As with most of our days out from here, we hardly saw any other folks on the road. From Languedoc into the Pyrenees. The sky was beautiful yet again, although the temperature was around minus 7 degrees. Long stretches of forest roads... Snow covered lake - the town on the other side is called "Les Angles". Breathtaking scenery... All to ourselves. We stopped for a picnic by this ski station. The temperature rose to 10 degrees there & the sun was really strong... Then it was on to Font-Romeu-Odeillo-Via & a look at their Solar Cooker... Built in the early 60s, it is used