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Stuffed & Broke In Polkerris

It seems that we're making a regular habit of eating out... Although today was different, as it was kind of my birthday meal with the kidlets. The destination:  Sam's On The Beach  - A very nice, upmarket restaurant right on the beach in Polkerris. Unfortunately, the girls' boyfriends are always busy on Tuesdays - but it's the only day the 5 of us can get together... It's always great for all the kids to be with us. Sal lives 30 miles away & now works full-time, so we just meet up whenever we can... And as usual - there is a lot of silliness, even in nice restaurants! The view from our table. The pizzas were huge & one each was too much really... This is Sal's - Cheese & Red Onion. Sime, Hugo & I had a Veggie Pizza each... With a green salad. Rose had a Veggie Sandwich. It wasn't long before the laughter started... Silly conversations, misunderstandings... And laughing until we're all in tears! Lovely kids! Just outside the r

Funny Little Miracles

     We took our car for it's MOT today & while in town, we decided to check out the local second-hand book shop, which used to be run by Oxfam - until they decided it wasn't making enough money... Luckily, a local charity which supports people with disabilities has taken it over & we popped in to have a browse. In there I discovered three books on my list of wants & not only that - they had a "buy 2, get the 3rd free" deal on too, so I bought all three for less than £4 & they are all in very good condition! Don't you just love it when amazing things like that happen? Another miracle - The car passed! Going out with the kidlets tomorrow for another birthday treat!  Sime's booked a table for lunch at  Sam's On The Beach , a place we've been meaning to visit for a while... Think we'll have to smarten ourselves up a bit! Kay :)

Earth Day Birthday

Last night, we spent Earth Hour with members of our local transition group. These are the folks who are making good things happen in our community, who care about others as much as themselves & we are very lucky to be a part of it all... Around Sara & Dave's Bonfire at  Cotna It was a chilly night, so great to have the warmth of the fire. We shared a delicious candlelit feast & finished off with Margaret's yummy cake! Which she put put candles in for the birthday girl! Thank you M xx Dave's fire was brilliant! Jane & Richard - with a groaning table of food behind... Sheila (who wasn't really being sacrificed, she was just cold!) & Dave From the left: Margaret, Wendy, Ella, Patrick, Sara & Jane Ella, Patrick, Sara, Tracy, Jane, Richard, Sheila & Dave We had a splendid evening, great food, lovely people in a beautiful place... And power free too! Sime was the photographer so not leaving him out - here's one of him at the Eden C

Top Of The World

It's my lovely wife's 45th birthday today and it's great to see her having such a nice time.  We had a bit of a lie-in, then Kay said that she'd like to go to the new Eden Project Cafe in St. Austell for breakfast.   Having dined there recently, we were aware of their "Book Swap" area.  Choose a book from home you wish to donate, write a brief piece in the inside cover and put it in the Swap Section. Then, if there's a book you fancy, take it home. Kay donated her favourite book "The Complete SAS Guide to Interrogation Techniques". I made that up. She actually donated the wonderful book "The Tibetan Book Of Living and Dying" by Sogyal Rinpoche, only because the last page is missing. Just joking. It was in pristine condition . I suggested selling it at a car boot sale instead but  then she gave me one of her famous looks and I shut up. Kay wrote in the cover about how good the book is and how she hoped that whomever took it

The Importance Of Bean Earning

I have a confession to make - We didn't work today... By the time Sime had returned from his band rehearsal last night, it was very late & so we went to bed late... This morning, we really didn't want to get up & then we ended up missing the kerbside recycling guys, so it started off the day being completely disorganised. In the end, I emailed our customers to say we'll do a full day tomorrow instead, which they are fine about - phew! For the rest of the morning, we discussed Buddhism & whether or not we live mindfully - Thanks to  Karin's New Blog ...  It seems quite a luxury to be in this position of not bothering to work, but really - it isn't.  At this time of year we live hand-to-mouth, but that's fine for us - if we earn we get to do nice things, if not - then we stay in & eat beans on toast!  From June, we will be working extremely long hours & earning, but with no time to spend the money - which is how we get to have such good Autum

Walking The Walk

This morning we dropped Hugo off at  BF Adventure , where he had a full day of outdoor activities along with other members of the CAT Group...  The weather has been beautiful yet again, so we've all a great day! We visited  Miss Peapods  for breakfast... Which is situated in  Jubilee Wharf  on the Fal Estuary, an eco-development in Penryn. The views are stunning... And the food is fabulous! Their veggie brekkie was one of the best we've had! Sime thought we should sample a cake too, so we shared this wholesome chocolate cake... And it was very yummy! One of Sime's arty shots on the harbour near the cafe... We decided to have a look at the creeks on the Helford Passage & thought this was interesting... There were lots of fields of daffodils, not sure why they haven't been picked... Then we came across this place:  Potager Garden .  It doesn't open until April & has a veggie cafe, but they invited us in to have a look around... And we wished we wer