Day Out In Fal With Sal

Today we visited our eldest in Falmouth, which we haven't done for a long time - as she normally comes to us. Rose was able to come along too, so a Fam 5 day out!

The kids always have lots of catching up to do!

We were on our way to the library & saw this funny sight!

Then it was up to one of our favourite veggie cafes - Cafe Cinnamon for breakfast...

Full English veggie breakfast at it's best!

Next, we visited Falmouth Art Gallery
Where we enjoyed looking at their Masters of Photography Exhibition.

There are also some great permanent pieces...

This old lady & cat are 2 of our favourites!

Back on the street...

Where we discovered that Cancer Research had at last found the answer!

Then it was on to Sal's flat for some Mint & Chilli Tea...

Some of Sal's lovely lemon & poppy seed cup cakes...

Raw chocolate pies

So another lovely day with our kidlets! 

Now we're worn out & ready for bed...

See you soon

Kay & Sime xx


  1. I love the cat on the wall, too :) The veggie breakfast is making me hungry, well, then that really isn't hard. Me, always thinking of food! What a nice day, spent with your kids...I can never get all of mine together! Lovely post, have a great evening, Kay! Oh, and Kay's hubby :)

  2. A busy day - no wonder you are so tired. That breakfast looks so good.

  3. Always good to see the kids once they've flown the nest, even if only during term time. Looking forward to seeing more of our daughter, and possibly our son too, over Easter. That is, definitely looking forward to seeing more of him, but not sure how much more we'll see.

  4. Being with all our kids is like a finished jigsaw puzzle - all the pieces are in place & it's very satisfying! We love getting together & food always features in our gatherings!

    Hi Elizabeth - nice to meet you, have enjoyed receiving your emails!

    Kay :)


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