Walking The Walk

This morning we dropped Hugo off at BF Adventure, where he had a full day of outdoor activities along with other members of the CAT Group...
 The weather has been beautiful yet again, so we've all a great day!

We visited Miss Peapods for breakfast...

Which is situated in Jubilee Wharf on the Fal Estuary, an eco-development in Penryn.

The views are stunning...

And the food is fabulous!

Their veggie brekkie was one of the best we've had!

Sime thought we should sample a cake too, so we shared this wholesome chocolate cake...

And it was very yummy!

One of Sime's arty shots on the harbour near the cafe...

We decided to have a look at the creeks on the Helford Passage & thought this was interesting...

There were lots of fields of daffodils, not sure why they haven't been picked...

Then we came across this place: Potager Garden
It doesn't open until April & has a veggie cafe, but they invited us in to have a look around...

And we wished we were living there!

Freerange chickens with lots of space...

And a Woodland with lots more daffs...
Nice folks, nice place - look forward to visiting again when they officially open!

We then went to a place called Mawnan, where we hoped to find a beach.
Instead, we found a church...

Surrounded by woodland in a very quiet spot...

Looks like it's a popular place!

We could hear the sea, so took a walk in the woods to see if we could find it!

The footpath joined part of the South West Coast Path.
And again the views were stunning!

We didn't make it to the beach, as we couldn't find the path down!

But we did find a bench & Sime became his usual unearthly self!

And I had concerns...

About who's going to eat the last cookie...

And of course, we shared it - so smiles all round!

Today has reminded us of how much we love Cornwall & there are so many hidden gems here.
A long distance walk is definitely on the cards for a future holiday, no more big road trips.
 It's time to walk our talk!

Back to work tomorrow...

Kay :)


  1. You life in the most beautiful place in the world. I really look forward to seeing the pictures you take of all the wonderful places you live near.

  2. You certainly live in a place with stunning views, but you also bother to be aware of your surroundings. So many people are deaf and blind to the world around them.

    It really made my day yesterday to see a flock of waxwings. It was their singing that made me look up and notice them. No else realised they were there. Their curiosity wasn't even aroused by a mad woman staring up into the trees. They probably didn't notice me, either. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera on me, although they were fairly high up so it might not have done any good if I had.

  3. Looks like you had a lovely day :) I especially like the sound of Miss Peapods cafe, it looks so sweet!

  4. Thank you all.

    It wasn't really until we moved to Cornwall, that we were aware of the changing seasons. Being surrounded by nature & living in a very quiet hamlet, means that we just see so much more!

    Kay :)


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