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The Importance Of Bean Earning

I have a confession to make - We didn't work today...

By the time Sime had returned from his band rehearsal last night, it was very late & so we went to bed late...
This morning, we really didn't want to get up & then we ended up missing the kerbside recycling guys, so it started off the day being completely disorganised. In the end, I emailed our customers to say we'll do a full day tomorrow instead, which they are fine about - phew!
For the rest of the morning, we discussed Buddhism & whether or not we live mindfully - Thanks to Karin's New Blog... 

It seems quite a luxury to be in this position of not bothering to work, but really - it isn't.
 At this time of year we live hand-to-mouth, but that's fine for us - if we earn we get to do nice things, if not - then we stay in & eat beans on toast! 
From June, we will be working extremely long hours & earning, but with no time to spend the money - which is how we get to have such good Autumn/Winter holidays... Though for the first time in a few years - we haven't made any arrangements for a holiday after our busy season. 
Since we did the No Impact Week, we have thought lots about our travelling & although we haven't flown since 2000 - we do use our car far more than we feel we should, so we'll probably holiday closer to home next time & there are lots of places in Cornwall that we still have to explore.

The only trouble with these plans is that I am a nomad at heart & love being on the road, so in theory it all sounds great, but come the second week of June - I'll no doubt be dreaming of being somewhere different! I love the planning of trips, getting the maps out & working out miles, looking for interesting places to stop off. Though I suppose walking the coastal path could be just as exciting - though the weather will be against us in November or January! 
Maybe we'll have a city break instead & go by train, but at the moment there's no sign of itchy feet, so we'll just see what happens...

It's my birthday this weekend & I've insisted that Sime doesn't buy any presents. Instead, I've asked that he do me a favour... He bought me a beautiful  handmade book about 10 years ago for me to put my own recipes in. The recipes have been placed in there on scraps of paper, as I've been too scared to take the plunge & actually write. Sime has lovely writing, so I've asked that he do it for me. He thinks I don't know that he's being doing it secretly, but he forgets that I must have been a private detective in another life & I don't miss a trick or is it because I'm from Venus. I don't know... Can't wait to see it though! 
Birthdays have always been a big occasion in the Smith household, we would take a holiday from work if we had to & the 5 of us would celebrate in whatever way the birthday girl or boy wished: Theme Parks, Aquariums, Cinema, Meals Out, etc. Now the girls are older & have partners, work/college - we do things differently & just catch up when we can, so a family meal will take place at some point soon - which is always nice to do!

Talking of food... 

We made pizza this week, with fresh yeast in the dough. 

And we all agreed that it was the best pizza we've ever made! 

Tonight, Sime made a tofu & veg chilli...

And I made the corn bread!

Sime's chilli was fantastic, just a shame he has to ruin every meal with his bizarre questions...
Tonight's conundrum was: "What would be your last meal - if we found out that a nuclear bomb was going to explode in 5 hours time?" He has a very strange mind. And, of course - we just end up laughing so much that we can't eat, once he knows he's got us - he'll just keep on & on until either Hugo or I lose control! Both of us decided that we wouldn't eat a last meal, but Sime said he'd buy a Vegetable Dhansak from the Indian Restaurant & when H & I suggested that perhaps the quality of the meal might not be good, as they'd have other things on their minds. He said that he'd ask for his money back... 

Sime thinks he looks cool - can someone please tell him the truth?
He won't listen to me...

Kay :)


Anonymous said…
Cool?? He looks down right scary!!! The pizza looks delicious. I wouldn't mind eating that for my last meal.
Karin said…
Hope you enjoy your birthday meal, Kay, whenever it takes place.

We're planning to celebrate a birthday this weekend, our son turns 22 next week. He's already home so hopefully everything will go according to plan and hubby and daughter will get home OK, too.
Well, Kay, in anticipation of your upcoming birthday...Happy, happy birthday! Your pizza looks delicious. Everyone is blogging about food today-I must get off here and eat! Have a wonderful weekend :)
Mel - I think pillock is the word I'd use... Now you know why I have such romantic pet names for Sime!

Karin - Thank you & have a lovely time with your family.

Elizabeth - Thank you!

Kay :)

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