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Vicar Saves The Day

After another very long day yesterday... We decided to just collapse in the garden of the big house we'd cleaned with a bottle of wine... Then we remembered that we didn't have anything to drink it from... So we swigged it... While enjoying the view... Nice... Today, we had to take the car into the garage. What we thought was a straightforward job has turned out to be more complicated... We've had to leave it in the garage overnight & hopefully tomorrow it will be ready! The problem is - we have 3 properties to clean... We returned home on the bus & when we got off at our stop - the vicar & husband were there & offered us a lift home (which is a mile away from the bus stop). They have also insisted on lending us their car for tomorrow, so we don't have to let anyone down...  Such lovely folks & they will soon be leaving for another parish... They will really be missed! So the show will go on tomorrow & we have 2 new jobs, one is a holiday

Oh This Rain It Will Continue...

We are having our busiest week of the year so far... Every property we look after has guests or owners coming for the bank holiday. The house we've cleaned today is huge - 4 storeys, 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms & we haven't finished, even though we went back this evening - we still have to return tomorrow evening... It's our own fault really, as we'd vowed to there early & ended up messing around until after 11am. We've got 11 properties to prepare before Saturday, so it really is full on! The holiday let laundry is getting on top of us & the washer is constantly going, but we'll do it - we always do & just for a change, I'm actually quite chilled about it all (I'm usually the one who starts to panic about getting everything done).  Anyway, we wanted to share with you what happened on Saturday... We had 2 properties to clean & everything went very smoothly - which was wonderful because we had somewhere to go. Amazingly, we were home fo

Wild Food & Nettle Beer

Our weekends are Sunday & Monday, as we work on Saturdays... This Sunday we were washed out from working a few days & then going straight out in the evenings. The weather wasn't brilliant, but on Monday we woke to beautiful blue skies & sunshine... We'd already said we'd go out & collect some nettles, so off we went - though by the time we got out there it was 4pm, we do struggle to get going some days after working lots & just enjoy sitting with cups of tea either in the garden or at our dining table... We really are chatterboxes & sometimes I wonder how we can possibly find so much to talk about... But we do! Just a minute from our door is the youth hostel... Around the corner, the lane begins to go down towards the beach... It's such a narrow steep lane & lots of big vehicles get stuck every year - our landlord, the local farmer always goes to the rescue. The view... And the nettles... The hedgerows ar

France, Music & The Elvis Story

Our love affair with France began back in 1991...  We decided to head off in our little campervan on a journey following the sun. Sal was 3 years old & Rose had just turned 1. We didn't have a plan, we'd sold pretty much everything we owned & the rest was put into Bebe's spare room... We had a fantastic adventure - travelling slowly through France, over the Alps, into Switzerland & Italy, then eventually back into France - where we settled for 3 months on the south coast, in a small village called  Cavaliere.  We rented a cheap caravan on a little campsite & I found a job as a housekeeper in the next village. While I worked, Sime & the girls spent their days on the beach & I joined them when I was finished. Back then, French families would have the whole of August as a holiday & every evening on the campsite during that month - families would get their tablecloths out & eat outside on huge tables, the food was abundant & the wine flowed.

The Dolphins Fly New Single

Soon to be released ... Hope you like it! Sime x

A Bit Of France In Cornwall

Last night we had a wonderful evening with the very friendly folk in the village of Rescorla... Will show you more soon as off to work now, but here is some lovely music - which we shall no doubt be humming all day! Have a super duper weekend! Sime's band are launching their new single tonight, so another musical night ahead! Bye for now, Kay & Sime xx

Today's Novelty Food

  We always have a starter before our dinner & this is what Sime served up for me today...  Butter bean pate face, with alfalfa hair, olives & sunflower sprouty beard! I shall never be too old... He sometimes makes us volcano mashed potato too with gravy lava!!! We are loving butter beans & fresh mint at the moment & Sime reckons the pate I made yesterday is the best ever!   Butter Bean Pate 400g (or 2 tins drained) cooked butter beans  2 - 4 garlic cloves chopped 1 teaspoon ground coriander 1 tablespoon fresh mint Juice of one lemon Salt & pepper to taste ~ Put all the ingredients into either a bowl & hand blend or into a food processor. Whizz up until nice & creamy! It should keep in the fridge for about 4 days. Hope you like it! Kay :)


Most of our work is in Portmellon.  Which is just a couple of miles away down a windy lane. Yesterday we had time to kill between jobs... So we enjoyed a few minutes by the sea before the rain came. An unusually calm sea! Portmellon is known for it's high tides. The pub is on the left of this photo & just behind it are 3 apartments we take care of. The house up high on the left is actually derelict, though owned by folks we work for - who are selling it for a snip at £1,500,000! We always joke that we clean most of the properties around the bay... But actually it's only 10 of them here! Most of the year, the beach is usually covered in seaweed... And we sometimes get complaints about it from holiday makers!  Not sure what they think we can do about it or about the beer & weather...  The sea was lovely & clear & there were hundreds of these fish... Which look more like baby eels! The pub. An old car in bits... We'd love to be in the house on the le