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A Bit Of France In Cornwall

Last night we had a wonderful evening with the very friendly folk in the village of Rescorla...

Will show you more soon as off to work now, but here is some lovely music - which we shall no doubt be humming all day!

Have a super duper weekend!

Sime's band are launching their new single tonight, so another musical night ahead!

Bye for now,

Kay & Sime


Mrs Thrifty said…
La Vie en Rose - love it. I even make my year 11s listen to it. Sounds like a wonderful evening - hope today isn't too onerous xx
Kath said…
Hope all goes well tonight, have a great evening!
Thanks Mrs Thrifty - Today has been good & now we have to get ready for tonight!

Kay :)
Thanks Kath - I'm sure it will be fun tonight, we're looking forward to it!

Kay :)
Karin said…
Looks like your weekend started well, Kay. I hope it continued in the same vein.
Unknown said…
Loved the music. Just finished my ironing whilst listening to it and I was dreaming of sitting outside a French Cafe instead. Just lovely.

Hope you enjoyed your musical evening.

Sft x
Thanks Karin - We've had a great weekend, hope you have too!

Kay :)
Thanks Sft - We love the music too!

Kay :)