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Oh This Rain It Will Continue...

We are having our busiest week of the year so far...
Every property we look after has guests or owners coming for the bank holiday.
The house we've cleaned today is huge - 4 storeys, 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms & we haven't finished, even though we went back this evening - we still have to return tomorrow evening... It's our own fault really, as we'd vowed to there early & ended up messing around until after 11am.
We've got 11 properties to prepare before Saturday, so it really is full on!

The holiday let laundry is getting on top of us & the washer is constantly going, but we'll do it - we always do & just for a change, I'm actually quite chilled about it all (I'm usually the one who starts to panic about getting everything done). 

Anyway, we wanted to share with you what happened on Saturday...

We had 2 properties to clean & everything went very smoothly - which was wonderful because we had somewhere to go.
Amazingly, we were home for lunch & managed to eat out in the garden...

Sime is a bit of a sun worshipper!
It was lovely & hot again, until we got to our supposed destination for the evening...

Driving 60 miles, via Falmouth to pick up the girls...
We were attending our first proper show at The Minack Theatre.
We arrived early with our picnic & expected to have a lovely evening in the sunshine!

We had bought our tickets back in October & all 3 kidlets wanted to come along too - Suzanne Vega was who we were there to see!
We all love her early music in particular & she sang the baby kidlets to sleep most nights, so they all find her voice very comforting... Even now!

The only problem was - it was raining heavily...

And the rain just kept coming...

Everyone was getting soaked...

But we were happy...
Until a thunderstorm came right above us & just a few minutes before the show started, it was cancelled!
Along with the storm, the rain became torrential & we all had to leave the arena - the water began cascading down over the seating areas & we were all drenched!

We survived & ate our picnic in the car before heading back...

Luckily, we've got a refund & we have all seen Suzanne before, as she does come to Cornwall quite a lot!

It was lovely spending time with our little buddies & as usual there was non-stop chatting & laughing!
The storm followed us all the way home - unfortunately the lightning was too random to get photos, but it was quite amazing to see it in the dark over the sea!

And this is just 2 hours ago, as we were leaving work...

Hope you've all had a good weekend!

Kay & Sime 


Jane and Chris said…
At least skin is waterproof!
Jane x
just Gai said…
What a shame, but it's good to hear that you made the best of it. I've always wanted to attend a performance at the Minack but the fear of rain has put me off. There's just nowhere to hide. However on a clear night it must be magical.
Mrs Thrifty said…
Oh dear, what a shame. I have been to the Minack - it's awesome isn't it. There were even dolphins swimming in the sea behind the actors. Our weather has turned considerably cooler today but no rain as yet. Hope you get all the cottages done xx
Kath said…
a picnic in a thunderstorm, how utterly British :-D
Karin said…
What a shame, but trust you two to keep smiling regardless. I didn't realise Suzanne Vega frequented ours shores so often. I'll have to keep an eye on her tour page.
Molly said…
That's too bad that it was cancelled. It looks like such a lovely place for a show. I remember Suzanne Vega from when I grew up in the 80's. :)
Catherine said…
It looks like you didn't let the rain spoil your fun though! You two always seem to make the best of a situation ~ love it!
Have a happy week you two!
xo Catherine
Hi Jane - just a shame our clothes weren't!

Kay :)
Hi Gai - Hopefully, one day we'll see a show there on a warm sunny evening!

Kay :)
Hi Mrs Thrifty - Friends have seen dolphins there too, our weather has been warm & dry since Saturday night... Typical!

Kay :)
Hi Kath - especially when having to sit in the car to eat it!

Kay :)
Hi Karin - It was hilarious how quickly we all got absolutely drenched! Suzanne certainly seems to come to Cornwall every couple of years.

Kay :)
Hi Molly - The Minack is amazing & was mostly built single handedly by a woman called Rowena Cade!

Kay :)
Hi Catherine - We're used to rain in Cornwall, so no point in getting down about it... It's only water!

Kay :)
Karin said…
Still hoping for rain here, but next week I might have a different tune. It looks like it's turning wet Sunday and the rain will last until Tuesday at least. Why couldn't we have one good lot of rain and then some fine days for the holiday?

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