Natural Light


Most of our work is in Portmellon.
 Which is just a couple of miles away down a windy lane.
Yesterday we had time to kill between jobs...
So we enjoyed a few minutes by the sea before the rain came.

An unusually calm sea!

Portmellon is known for it's high tides.

The pub is on the left of this photo & just behind it are 3 apartments we take care of.
The house up high on the left is actually derelict, though owned by folks we work for - who are selling it for a snip at £1,500,000!

We always joke that we clean most of the properties around the bay...
But actually it's only 10 of them here!

Most of the year, the beach is usually covered in seaweed...
And we sometimes get complaints about it from holiday makers! 
Not sure what they think we can do about it or about the beer & weather... 

The sea was lovely & clear & there were hundreds of these fish...

Which look more like baby eels!

The pub.

An old car in bits...

We'd love to be in the house on the left when the sea gets wild...

The house & apartments to the right get a real bashing at times!

Here's a video we took last year - with us waffling on in the background...

Yes, Sime is a nutter, well actually we both are - Hope you enjoy it!

Bye for now.
Kay & Sime


Molly said…
The sea does look really calm! It's rare that Lake Michigan is that calm, too, but it's so nice when it is. The sand there looks like the same that we have, which also gets pretty seaweedy sometimes. Such a lovely part of the world you have there!
Jane and Chris said…
WHOA!! Hubby and I are ex sailors..rough seas are fabulous. Fill you with energy and life! Loved the why are we thousands of miles from the sea????????
Jane x
Kath said…
Sime sounds like a natural, I think he'd make a good commentator! you 2 remind me of a film I watched once about a couple who chased and filmed tornados. Despite the danger they were yelling "WOW" and "awesome" as their truck was blown along the road!
I particularly enjoyed the background music of Sime's band :-)

Seeing those tiny fish took me back to our holidays at Mawgan Porth, where Roobarb would stand over the rock pools, mesmerised by the movement in the water.
Karin said…
Lovely photos - very 'picture postcard' with the sun shining, but as you say, the weather can change. I remember that video from last year. I'm happy not to have to endure stormy seas.

Perhaps those guest who complained about the seaweed thought your cleaning duties should extend to the beaches. LOL Clearly they think you are people of great power and influence if they think you can do anything about the weather not to mention the beer!

In case I don't have time to visit your blog before the weekend, have a good one. :-)
Catherine said…
You two are always having fun ~ going places and seeing things. Love it!
xo Catherine
Thanks Molly - it's funny because out of about 6 beaches, which are all pretty close together - Portmellon is the only one which gets covered in seaweed...

Kay :)
Thanks Jane - we used to go over to France on the ferry a lot, so have had many a rough crossing... We love it!

I suppose it makes it more special when you do see the sea now - being so far away.

Kay :)
Thanks Kath - Sime loves what you've said, but in reality - he clams up. We were invited to be interviewed on our local radio about home education some years ago. Sime loves being on stage & performing & I hate being in the limelight, but when we went into the studio - he dried up & I loved it - I could have chatted all day...

Ooh - We'd love to be twister chasers!

At our last house we took care of the owner's 2 chocolate labs & the girl dog used to catch salmon in the river - amazing (though upsetting) to see!

Kay :)
Thanks Karin - We do love the extreme weather & we certainly get lots of that here. There are incredible views from the headland properties we look after & we've very often watched storms coming in from the sea, which is wonderful to see!

Have a good weekend too Karin.

Kay :)
Thanks Catherine - we like having fun, just a shame work has to get in the way sometimes...

Kay :)