Sunny Sunday Morning


  It was a beautiful day again yesterday... So we took the opportunity to eat our porridge outside!

Our house & garden...

Our lovely landlord mows our lawn, as he likes it just so!

The Luppy Boy.
He loves us being outside...

So does Flea.

Sime's delicious porridge!

Oh dear - it was a bit bright...

Nothing like being sneaked up on - when you've just got out of bed...
I still managed a smile though!

Hope the weather's good wherever you are...

Kay :)


  1. The weather here is gorgeous. The snow is melting like crazy. I am trying not to get too excited - I have a feeling winter isn't done with us yet.

  2. Looks gorgeous where you are! We're having some lovely weather too!

  3. Oh, it's a tough life ;) Enjoy your beauty, that is, England.

  4. Cornwall is a strange place for weather - it's so beautiful in the sunshine, but most of the time it just rains & rains & rains...

    Kay :)


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